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Heroic vs BIG Predictions, Match Preview, Live Stream, Odds & Picks

Heroic is looking to Bounce Back from Disappointing Katowice Appearance

In their latest showing at a big event, The Danes were disappointing throughout the whole event. If we take a look at the way their games went, they couldn’t keep up against the better teams, particularly while playing T side, which was what ultimately led to their downfall. It was definitely a poor start to life with Jakob “jabbi” Nygaard on the roster, and if they want to make it deep into this tournament then they will have to put up a better performance.

Let’s check the game info, CSGO bets, and predictions for Heroic vs BIG!

Heroic after winning the 2022 Pinnacle Cup Championship
Heroic after winning the 2022 Pinnacle Cup Championship

Their last series was against MOUZ, and they ended up getting rolled over. The series opened with Vertigo, and MOUZ were in for a rough first half on their own pick. All seemed well early doors, the European squad losing the first four but making things close to keep Heroic’s economy in check and then picking up a few rounds of their own.

At 3-4 the MOUZ offense collapsed, JDC the only player really fragging as the Danes picked up the final eight in a row to take a convincing 12-3 half victory. If MOUZ were suspect on their T side then Heroic were woeful, every member of the Danish squad suddenly going missing on the fragging front as they picked up a solitary round to squander their massive lead and drop the first map 13-16.

If not for an unfortunate Aurimas “Bymas” Pipiras disconnect early doors that allowed Heroic to pick up a string of three rounds, MOUZ might have posted just a convincing defense to open Nuke, as JDC and torzsi were in excellent form. Regardless, BIG were still able to take a solid 10-5 lead into the second period, and this proved too much of a deficit for Heroic to recover. BIG eventually closed the map out 16-10.

BIG will Try to Turn things Around with k1to

Tizian "tiziaN" Feldbusch, player for BIG
Tizian “tiziaN” Feldbusch, player for BIG

Earlier on in August, BIG announced the return of k1to to the main team from the academy, which hyped a lot of CSGO betting fans. The 23-year-old is taking the place of Tizian “tiziaN” Feldbusch, who will remain tied to the Berlin-based organization in a new role to build on his four-and-a-half year tenure.

The 26-year-old German player tiziaN was not BIG’s most glamorous player, sporting a 0.97 rating during his time in the team, but was a stalwart in the German organization’s trophy runs at DreamHack Masters Spring 2020, cs_summit 6 Europe, DreamHack Open Summer 2020, FunSpark ULTI 2020 Europe Final, and most recently Roobet Cup 2022.

k1to makes his return to the main squad after nearly half a year since he was demoted to BIG Academy, where he took the role of in-game leader. “k1to has been working very hard on his return in the past months and has convinced with excellent performances in the BIG OMEN Academy,” says Daniel Finkler, BIG’s CEO, making a statement that can be backed by the player’s 1.18 rating in the lower tier of competition.

We can’t forget that k1to’s presence was still felt in the first team during his time in the academy, when he came in as a substitute during BIG’s Roobet Cup championship run and in the team’s IEM Cologne Play-in campaign. The second time around wasn’t as fruitful, however, with elimination coming early at the hands of Outsiders and Astralis. The Blast Fall Groups is definitely going to be one of the biggest challenges k1to will have to face after the summer break.

Heroic vs BIG Game Information

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Heroic vs BIG Predictions

If we take a look at how this matchup has unfolded throughout the last few encounters, it’s safe to say that Heroic are the favorites coming into this one, and the CSGO odds back this up. Heroic has managed to pick up a victory in 4 out of their last 5 times they played against BIG, the last one being at Pinnacle Cup Championship in June, a tournament that Heroic ended up convincingly winning.

While tiziaN is definitely an upgrade in the BIG lineup, it’s definitely not enough for them to overcome a team like Heroic. Sure, we should take into consideration that this is a best-of-1 and anything can happen, but knowing what’s at stake, the Danes are not going to mess around and try to keep a clean game going, which is the main reason why I think Heroic isn’t going to break a sweat this time around.

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