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IG vs EDG Prediction, Match Preview, Live Stream, Odds and Picks

Invictus Gaming Remains Invict

IG is first in the standings alongside Rare Atom following two incredible series by them in the first couple of weeks. Their victory over RNG demonstrated that they are no longer an anomaly and that they are committed to competing for the top league positions.

Even more intriguing about this IG squad is the presence of up-and-coming players destined to dominate the LPL: YSKM, Ahn, and Wink have all made significant strides in their careers. Dove and Gideon, two Korean imports, provide IG a strong and well-rounded roster.

IG vs EDG Prediction, Match Preview, Live Stream, Odds and Picks
Tian "Meiko" Ye, support for EDG

However, they will now face previous global champion EDward Gaming, which will be a tougher challenge for them. Even though the squad lost a star player like Viper, they have brought up Leave, who is seen to have a lot of potential. Even though we haven’t seen much of him, his LPL debut has been encouraging; he and Ale are the team’s main carries.

YSKM Is Taking Over The LPL

One of the most anticipated League of Legends players of the new year, YSKM, has completely taken over the Chinese league. RNG’s Breathe, who is regarded as one of the greatest in his position, was solo killed by the rookie top laner, who has already displayed fantastic plays and exceptional mechanics.

Fiora, Camille, and Jax are just a few examples of the damage-oriented bruisers that YSKM is known for playing in the top lane. In fact, most of these champions are pick-or-ban situations for him. When preparing for IG, the LPL teams soon discovered this, but it’s simply impossible to target-ban him without leaving other potent meta champions available.

Aside from his current performance and form, YSKM is incredibly confident, especially considering that he is a rookie in the LPL. He is demonstrating his value on the Rift and exudes the confidence that only top level players possess.

When asked in an interview with IG which players or teams he was most looking forward to playing against, he responded, “WBG’s top laner TheShy, since I want to beat him. Everyone nicknames me HongKongese TheShy, but my goal is to outperform him and establish myself as a legend instead.

IG vs EDG Match Information

  • Match: IG vs EDG
  • Date: Wednesday, February 1st
  • Time: 4:00 am ET
  • IG vs EDG Live Stream: Twitch.tv

IG vs EDG Picks & Prediction

Chau "YSKM" Shu Tak, top laner for IG
Chau “YSKM” Shu Tak, top laner for IG

It’s safe to say that the top lane, notably YSKM, will dictate this series. His playstyle is enjoyable to watch because of his amazing self-assurance, love of skirmishes, and propensity for pushing the limits, which is something the League esports scene has been lacking for a while.

In a time when teams are constantly searching for the least dangerous or most effective plan, YSKM rejects all of these ideas and plays his own game, confident that he possesses the X factor to transcend the limitations. In the ensuing LPL weeks, we’ll have to see if this X element will make or break him.

I think that YSKM will be able to get IG ahead right from the get-go, and the rest will be just a walk in the park. I don’t see EDG being able to neutralize IG’s playstyle, and even if YSKM doesn’t get that fed, IG can still rely on Dove and Ahn to pull-off a carry performance.

We’ll be covering all of the major leagues (LCS, LEC, LPL, LCK), while also checking out exciting games happening in the wildcard regions. Make sure to stay tuned as we’ll be sharing our esports picks with you!

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