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Infinity vs Infamous Preview, Live Stream, Odds, Picks & Predictions

The Clash of the Peruvian Titans

Infinity versus Infamous is one of the rivalries that have given us the best Dota matches in the Peruvian scene. They’ve been battling it out in the South American scene giving us very exciting matches, and this time it won’t be an exception. These two teams are fighting for a spot in the BTS Pro Series Season 11: Americas playoffs. Although both teams are most likely advancing to the next phase, every win is important as a higher placement means better seeding for the playoffs.

Both Infinity and Infamous are not too happy with their recent results. They missed a chance to represent South America in the upcoming ESL One Stockholm Major. Infinity finished 6th in this season’s DPC SA Tour 2 Division 1, while Infamous finished 1 place above them. These two teams haven’t played against each other in quite some time. The last time we saw this matchup unfold, Infamous ended up taking the victory home after a really intense series in the DPC. Now Lumiere will have a chance for revenge as he was recently kicked off Infamous and now will be playing for Infinity during this tournament, making this a very interesting match to watch for all the dota betting fans out there.

Infinity vs Infamous Preview, Live Stream, Odds, Picks & Predictions
Infinity vs Infamous Preview, Live Stream, Odds, Picks & Predictions

Infinity’s Victory Over Wildcard Was Unexpected

Infinity had a strong showing against the 1st place team in the standings, Wildcard Gaming. The Peruvian team started the series a bit shaky as they weren’t able to get an early lead during the first game. Wildcard Gaming had a 10k gold lead by the 29-minute mark, but Infinity was in a comfortable spot because they drafted a strong late-game composition. Infinity evened out the lead a couple of minutes later and they were able to close the game at the 38-minute mark. PiPi had an excellent performance on Leshrac, finishing with a 16/3/9 score.

The second game of the series unfolded differently. INF now had the early lead against WC because Lumiere was doing a great job at getting kills during the early game. But Wildcard Gaming showed signs of life as they came back from a 7k gold deficit 20 minutes into the game. Luckily for Infinity, WC wasn’t able to capitalize on their comeback and didn’t extend their gold lead beyond 3k. Infinity was able to close out the game before the 40-minute mark, finishing the series with a 2-0 score against the dota odds.

Infamous Came Short Against Team DogChamp

Infamous series against Team DogChamp was a bit disappointing for them. They started the series in a dominating manner but didn’t manage to close it out in their favor. The first game of the series was in total control for Infamous, they reached 25k gold 34 minutes into the match. Parker’s performance was exceptional, he closed out the game with a 20/4/13 score on Templar Assasin, making him the MVP of the first game.

The second game of the series was a bit too chaotic. Infamous was leading the match during the first few minutes, but things started to go south for them. DogChamp’s Yarin started to pick too many kills for Infamous to handle. He was playing KotL and finished the game with a KDA of 13.5, which is quite impressive considering the hero he was playing. This series ended up being really frustrating for the Peruvian team because they knew they could’ve taken the series home if they played a bit better during the second game.

Infinity vs Infamous Game Information

  • Date: Friday, May 6
  • Time: 10:00pm ET
  • Live Stream: Twitch.tv

Infinity vs Infamous Predictions

These two teams come into this tournament in good form and both have a good chance to finish top 4 in the group stage. Saying that any of these teams is much better than the other would be really unfair and many dota gambling experts would agree with this. Each team has very powerful carries in Lumiere and Parker. Whichever team manages to put their carry in a comfortable position first, is the one that most likely will win the game.

Infinity’s victory over Wildcard Gaming was very impressive, but if we take a deep look at how the games unfolded, it’s very clear that WC made some crucial mistakes. This series will probably be the most exciting of the entire group stage. Now, considering that both teams are playing decently, I think this series will end in a draw, increasing both teams’ chances to get into the top 4.

PICK: Infinity to win  at +295

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