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Rainbow7 vs Aze Predictions, Match Preview, Live Stream, Odds & Picks

Cepted Pushed Rainbow7 into the Playoffs

While Rainbow7 still has a couple of challenging matches in front of them, they already secured a spot in the playoffs and that’s all they really needed. After a shaky start with Ophelia in the mid lane, this team is now looking way more comfortable with the re-acquisition of Park “Cepted” Wi-rim, who seems to be the right fit for R7. With 100% WR on roaming mids like Lissandra and Twisted Fate, Cepted has shown that he’s adapted well into this meta.

The biggest concern for this R7 lineup is that its future still remains uncertain because there are some concerns regarding their mid laner. Are they going to stick with Cepted throughout the rest of the split, or are they giving Ophelia a chance for redemption once the playoffs arrive? Sticking with Cepted seems to be the safe option, but if we consider that Rainbow7 made one of their biggest investments in bringing Ophelia all the way from Gen.G’s LCK roster, I don’t think that they are that content throwing away so much money.

Eduardo "Slow" Garces, support for Rainbow7
Eduardo "Slow" Garces, support for Rainbow7

Fortunately for them, SoHwan and Oddie are having a great moment. In their last win over All Knights, this duo managed to dismantle their counterparts, and this might be a powerful tool that not a lot of other teams in the LLA possess. Yes, the current meta basically forces you to play around your bot lane, but if SoHwan can keep this form going, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Rainbow7 playing mostly around their top lane. They have already found success playing this way, and going up against Lonely, who isn’t having his best split so far, should be a green light for Rainbow7.

Straight is Finally Back

Roberto "Straight" Guallichico, support for Team Aze
Roberto “Straight” Guallichico, support for Team Aze

After a really slow start of the split due to health issues, it’s safe to say that Roberto “Straight” Guallichico is finally back on form. Week 6 was great for the Ecuadorian support because he got the opportunity to demonstrate his prowess on heavy-engage picks like Alistar and Rakan. Team Aze is currently on a 4-game winning streak, and it’s mostly thanks to Straight. While the rest of the team has picked up their slack individually, Straight is the commanding voice and it shows in their gameplay.

If we take a look at how Team Aze picked up a win against Infinity a couple of weeks ago, it’s pretty easy to determine which are their biggest strengths. First of all, Dimitry is the biggest indicator of how Aze is feeling in-game. If he performs well, the rest of the team seems pretty comfortable. This allows Straight to move freely around the map because he knows that given the right matchup, Dimitry can dominate every scenario.

Even while playing Braum, Straight shows a lot of proactivity during the mid-game. This is because he knows when he can leave 5Kid on his own and go around the map helping the rest of the lanes. Once the team fight phase arrives, Straight fully takes over the game, whether it be through engaging or peeling for his carrys. It’s going to be a very interesting matchup in the bot lane for all the league of legends betting fans out there because 5Kid and Straight will face one of the best bot lanes in the league, Ceo and Slow.

Rainbow7 vs Aze Game Information

  • Date: Sunday, July 31
  • Time: 6:00 pm ET
  • Rainbow7 vs Aze Live Stream: LLA – Twitch

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Rainbow7 vs Aze Predictions

I expect Rainbow7 to exploit Aze’s biggest weakness right now, which is their top lane. If Aze can’t find a way to neutralize SoHwan by either shutting him down or simply giving Lonely a favorable matchup, this might end up being a bloodbath in favor of Rainbow7.

Both mid-laners play basically in the same way as they aren’t the protagonists of their respective teams. Dimitry finds himself doing solo and over-aggressive plays in the early game, and that’s something that both Oddie and Cepted might be able to punish given the right circumstances. In the end, I think that R7 has the upper hand in terms of individual skill, and that should be enough to overcome a team like Aze.

This last week of the 2022 LLA Summer Split regular season is turning out to be a really exciting one. With XTEN and All Knights fighting to stay out of the relegation zone and teams like Infinity trying to prove their worth, you have to make sure to not miss any of these matches. Check out the rest of our LLA and Lol bets because we’ll be covering the most important matches!

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