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Rainbow7 vs Estral Esports Predictions, Match Preview, Live Stream, Odds & Picks June 26

The Battle of the Korean Star Mid Laners

Jeong “Mireu” Jo-bin and Baek “Ophelia” Jin-seong right now are looking like 2 of the best mid laners in the league by far, though Mireu is still a league above the rest from what we’ve seen. Mireu’s 41 KDA only proves that he is capable of not only having a very safe laning phase, but his impact on the rest of the map is big enough to secure Estral some dominant victories.

Even though his @15 stats aren’t the best in the league, Mireu is a very important piece in the Estral puzzle as he doesn’t require as many resources as the rest of the competition.

Emmanuel "Acce" Juárez, top laner for Estral Esports

On the other hand we have Ophelia, who still has to meet the expectations of many as he hasn’t been having a stellar performance. To be fair, it’s hard to be the outstanding player in a roster with some of the best players in each of their positions like Oddie and SoHwan.

Before the spring split started, a lot of LATAM analysts were talking about Ophelia like he was the second-coming of God, but from what we’ve seen, he is very far from that. Unless he is saving all of his strength for the later stages of the regular season, I don’t see Ophelia being a strong contender for the title of best mid laner in the league.

The thing is that we can’t scratch a player like Ophelia off the list because we have to take into consideration his history. He comes off after a recent appearance in the main LCK stage with Gen.G, and he did put up a good performance in his games. The 19-year old even outclassed players like Showmaker in some of their games, which is something quite impressive.

Can Lyg Consolidate Himself?

Sebastian “Lyg” Ulloa Fuentes, ADC for Estral Esports

Next to Mireu we have Diego Sebastian “Lyg” Ulloa Fuentes lined up for the best player in the league. The main concern is that Estral is focusing most of their resources into the bot lane, which makes it hard to judge Lyg’s actual level. Yes, he is more than capable of using his individual advantage to launch the rest of his team into victory, but what’s going to happen when he doesn’t get the type of lead he’s been getting in all of Estral’s games?

The 20-year-old Chilean ADC is far from being in the top of the damage leaderboards, which is unusual to see for someone who is getting so many resources. In fact, we could attribute Estral’s bot lane leads to Facundo “Shadow” Cuello, the support for the team. Shadow has been the one who is showing up in the most important moments, and if we look at their game against XTEN it’s more than clear that Shadow is the one carrying this part of the map.

Lyg still needs to prove that he is amongst the best ADCs in the league, because from what we’ve seen so far, he hasn’t been that important in Estral’s victories. That might sound a bit too crazy due to the way that Estral has been winning their games, but my main point remains. Estral could be getting the exact same type of victories with any of the other good ADCs in the league, like AK’s Alive or R7’s Ceo.

Rainbow7 vs Estral Esports Game Information

  • Date: Sunday, June 26
  • Time: 7:00pm ET
  • Rainbow7 vs Estral Esports Live Stream:

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Rainbow7 vs Estral Esports Predictions

Somehow, the League of Legends betting sites project Rainbow7 as the favorite team in this matchup, but I heavily disagree. In most of our recent LLA Lol bets  we have talked time and time against how Estral is the absolute best team when it comes to generating early leads, and on the other hand, Rainbow7 is quite the opposite.

Nothing indicates that R7 is favorable to end with a win in this match, especially if we look at the mid-jungle duo matchup. Bugi and Mireu are looking unstoppable right now, while Oddie looked incredibly shaky in their match against Isurus last sunday.

Estral would have to completely botch their draft, and even then, they would still have a good chance to win against R7 as they have the better players. The only way that R7 could convincingly take down Estral is if Bugi ends up falling so behind that he is unable to have any impact on the map, which is very unlikely.

We’ve plenty of League of Legends betting for you to consider.

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