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Rogue vs Fnatic Predictions, Match Preview, Live Stream, Odds & Picks

Humanoid Wants to Face G2 in the Finals

In Marek “Humanoid” Brázda’s eyes, there’s only one way the 2022 LEC Summer playoffs can end: Fnatic sweep Rogue before dealing with League arch-rivals G2 Esports in a “clean 3–0” in the title battle. At least, that’s his prediction days before heading to Malmo. According to the star Czech mid-laner, who is bracing for his first League LAN since Worlds 2019, Rogue definitely “isn’t looking great right now”, he claims. “Maybe 3–0, 3-1. Maybe even 3–2… who knows the result, but we will win. That’s my prediction.” Then, he continues, G2 falls: “It will be a clean 3–0. No chance for them.”

It’s certainly a bold claim from the LEC hopefuls considering Fnatic barely scraped into Summer playoffs at all. On the eve of the 2022 postseason, Humanoid and his roster looked down and out. Only a three-game run to close out the split saved them as they leapfrogged from a negative record to 10-8. The fifth-seed finalists have certainly lifted since then though. It’s that reversal that Humanoid is banking on heading into the on-stage Swedish deciders.

Marek “Humanoid” Brázda, mid laner for Fnatic
Marek “Humanoid” Brázda, mid laner for Fnatic

“I think we played really badly in the middle of the split,” he admitted. “I have no idea why. It took us a while to get back, but after that losing streak we started playing better than we ever were.” He continued: “It was probably a good thing we started losing!” The Czech star, in particular, flagged in the second 2022 LEC campaign—a slump he accepts, identifies, and says he’s moved on from as the playoffs rolled on.

“I didn’t play that well, yes, in the regular split,” Humanoid said. “But towards the end, I started playing really well. I am much more confident now. It’s better to play well towards the playoffs rather than the start of the split. Some players play well in the regular season and then int in the playoffs.” Humanoid and the entire FNC roster get to back up the Czech’s fighting words in their face-off against Rogue.

Can Rogue Bounce Back from Disappointing Defeat against G2?

Markos Comp Stamkopoulos, ADC for Rogue
Markos Comp Stamkopoulos, ADC for Rogue

Seeing Rogue crumble to the pressure of the playoffs wasn’t anything new, and once again, history seems to be repeating itself. The Kings match of the LEC Summer Split saw G2 Esports demolishing Rogue with a sweep 3-0. Thanks to unconventional drafts, great pick flexibility, and pitch-perfect synergy, G2 take down Rogue and move to their eleventh LEC Grand Finals, looking for a chance to win their tenth crown.

In the first game of the series, Rogue had a tough start, but they obtained a counter kill thanks to their quick response and swift movements across the map. Even though the early game sees both teams obtaining kills across the Rift, the scale is tilted towards G2’s side, who obtained the first herald and first drake. The game snowballed in G2’s favor because of these neutral objectives and small early advantages.

The second game showed the reason why G2 is so scary. The flexibility in their draft was what Rogue feared most, and G2 truly demonstrated to be able to play anything, even Varus AP in the mid-lane. In an interview with eSport Mag last week, Rogue’s ADC Comp said that he believes G2 to be the kind of team that can play “pretty much anything.”

G2 led the series 2-0 thanks to their dominance and moved to the third game with the same mindset. For the third time in a row, they presented a different draft, once again showcasing their flexibility and unpredictability on the Rift. But if the G2 draft was unpredictable, the way they won the series’ last game was not. Focusing on obtaining early game advantages that allowed them to snowball and gain priority over neutral objectives, G2 moved to win the most fast-paced and quick game of the series.

It’s going to be interesting to see what kind of adaptations Comp and co. try to increase their chances of winning against Fnatic, even if meeting against G2 in the grand finals means another 0-3 for them.

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Rogue vs Fnatic Match Information

  • Date: Saturday, September 10
  • Time: 11:00am ET
  • Rogue vs Fnatic Live Stream:

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Rogue vs Fnatic Prediction

Fnatic after their victory over Mad Lions
Fnatic after their victory over Mad Lions

I’ll be honest, I think that Fnatic’s plot armor is overwhelmingly strong right now, and that’s going to be the main reason why they’ll end up taking the series home. Sure, they struggled against Excel in the very first round of the playoffs, but they quickly recovered and only lost 1 out of 7 games after that. Just like Humanoid said, “Some players play well in the regular season and then int in the playoffs”.

We’ve talked a lot of times about how Fnatic has very strong individual players under its wings, and they only exposed their weaknesses when it came to playing as a team. It seems that they have fixed most of their issues and they are now ready to fight for the title once again. If you want to place your lol bets, make sure to do it at BetUS Sportsbook & Casino. We’ve plenty of league of legends betting for you to consider.