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Saigon Buffalo vs Team Secret Match Preview, Live Stream, Odds, Picks & Predictions

The Winner Will Face GAM Esports in the Grand Finals

The Vietnamese teams will face each other in the second round of the VCS 2022 Spring Playoffs and the winner will get a spot in the grand finals. Team Secret took down CERBERUS Esports in the first round of the playoffs in a convincing manner and is now looking for revenge against Saigon Buffalo, the team that defeated them twice in the regular season. Saigon Buffalo comes in as the 2nd seed and hasn’t played a single game in playoffs so far, the Buffalos are one of the most popular Vietnamese teams and a lot of people will remember them as Phong Vu Buffalo, the team that had multiple appearances on the international stage.

Both teams had a decent run during the Spring Split regular season, they finished the split with a 9-5 record but the Saigon Buffalo claimed 2nd place because they had supremacy over Team Secret. This series will determine which team has the best chance to defeat GAM Esports, the team that is currently waiting for an opponent in the grand finals and that have been the favorites of league of legends betting experts in the past.

Nguyễn “Artifact” Văn Hậu, Mid Laner for Team Secret

Saigon Buffalo’s Inconsistency is a Big Problem

During the last weeks of the VCS Spring Split, the Buffalos have shown a lot of inconsistency when it comes to playing against the lower-ranked teams. They dropped their last series against Burst the Sky Esports, and yes, we can blame it on the SGB using substitutes, but to be fair, in game 1 they used 4 of the 5 main players and still got destroyed by the 2nd worst team in the VCS. The Saigon Buffalos clearly had many issues before their last series and still decided to experiment by playing with different players, those types of decisions make us wonder if Saigon Buffalo is ready to face a team like GAM Esports in the grand finals.

I think that the Saigon Buffalos have one big thing going for them: BeanJ, the jungler. BeanJ has been the most consistent player on the entire team, he holds first place in the MVP Standings of the VCS 2022 Spring Split and he’s been the main reason why Saigon Buffalo manages to get early leads in their matches.

Artifact is Team Secret’s Key to Victory

Artifact is arguably the best mid laner in the entire league, he’s only behind Kati (GAM Esports mid laner) when it comes to stats, but he has the highest CSD@15 (11), he’s scored 17 solo kills so far and he is the mid laner with the lowest amount of deaths per game (2.5). It’s clear that Artifact is one of the strongest players in the league, his performance has been only improving as the split goes on and one of the best things that Team Secret got going for them, is that they know how to play around him almost perfectly.

Unlike many other teams in the VCS, Team Secret doesn’t have a lot of subs, in fact, they only have 1 sub for the top lane role and only played with him for 1 game. I think this is one of the biggest advantages that Team Secret has over other teams in the VCS, their consistency favoring the lol odds.

Saigon Buffalo vs Team Secret Game Information

Saigon Buffalo vs Team Secret Predictions

The Buffalos are heading the head-to-head with a 2-0 score and if we take a look at how their last series went, it was a lot closer than it might seem. I think that the Team Secret players actually performed quite well but they had huge disadvantages in the draft, especially in game 1 where they picked 3 carries with no mobility and that allowed Saigon Buffalo to pick Malphite, which ended up destroying the whole Team Secret composition.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen a lot of improvement from the Team Secret squad, and on the other hand, Saigon Buffalo seems to be struggling a lot. This series is a golden opportunity to make our next selection for our esports picks as Team Secret proves that using their main roster for every single one of their series isa good strategy. I think that Saigon Buffalo hasn’t shown enough progress throughout the whole season and Team Secret has looked better each week, that’s why I predict that Team Secret will be the team advancing to the grand final.

Pick: Team Secret to win at -104

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