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T1 vs Gen.G Match Preview, Live Stream, Odds, Picks & Predictions

LCK 2022 Spring Split Grand Finale

The grand final of the most prestigious league in the world has finally arrived and this time T1 and Gen.G are going to fight for the LCK title at the Korea International Exhibition Center in Ilsan, South Korea. Gen.G comes in after defeating DWG KIA in an really intense 5-game series, on the other hand, T1 is still 1 series away from perfection, currently on a 19-match win streak and with an overall game record of 39-7, they are the most dominant team we have ever seen in any league of a major region so far.

There is a lot of history between these two teams and if we consider that Gen.G acquired Samsung Galaxy roster, they have met each other multiple times in the finals of the world championship, they have fought time and time again for the title in their domestic league, there is so much at stake in this match that makes it safe to say that this will one of the most exciting finals in the LCK history even if it means the end of our esports picks for the LCK until the next split.

Jeong "Chovy" Ji-hoon, Mid Laner for Gen.G
Jeong "Chovy" Ji-hoon, Mid Laner for Gen.G

This is the First Time Gen.G will face T1 Using Their Original Roster

During the regular split, due to COVID-19 issues, Gen.G had to use their substitutes both times they played T1, the first time they met, Gen.G subbed in 3 players and Chovy was forced to play top lane, any team can agree that it’s almost impossible to win if you are put in this situation. Fortunately for Gen.G, this didn’t happen throughout the entire split and they did manage to secure 2nd place at the end of it all. “The fact that they get to play at their 100% definitely breathed another layer of motivation into the players, and they’re looking forward to making the series very fun”, said Go “Score” Dong-bin, Gen.G’s head coach at the LCK Finals Media Day.

Gen.G faced last year worlds’ runner-ups DWG KIA in the semifinals and it was a blood-bath throughout every game, the series was so close that they ended up going to the 5th game. But it would be unfair to say that Gen.G was playing poorly, DK was actually showing a great performance till the very last moment of the series, one of the highlights would be Ruler, who achieved a KDA of 8.6 and 10.3 CSM, both the highest of the entire series, but this might not come as a surprise because even if he is not the flashiest ADC in the league, he has been one of the most consistent one over the years.

Gen.G’s players all have their unique traits, but as a whole, they do come up ahead in some aspects even when compared against the undefeated T1, Gen.G held the number one spot in DRA% (61) and highest CSM (34.6) in the league during the regular split, and this is mostly due to Chovy’s dominance, having the highest CSD@15 (11) and DPM (606) of all mid laners just proves that Chovy is in another league of his own. It’s always beautiful to watch his meticulous laning phase and his pristine teamfighting, and we can be sure that Chovy is going to be Faker’s biggest challenge in the finals.

T1 is One Step Closer to Perfection

After 19 series, they have managed to maintain a perfect score and they don’t seem to be slowing down. Every time T1 lost a game in their series, it was almost like it made them play better and looked way scarier than they did before. They are not a team that fumble when playing from behind and they certainly don’t succumb to the pressure of losing. We could talk all day long about the greatness of T1 and how they are at the top of almost every stat in the league, but there is something very important to keep in mind, they were one of the two teams that didn’t have to use a substitute player, they used the same 5 players throughout the whole split, meanwhile the other 8 teams had to do some roster changes at least one time.

Faker is widely regarded as the best player there is and ever will be in the history of League of Legends, he has 3 world championship titles, 2 MSI titles and 9 LCK titles throughout his 10 year career and it’s going to be extremely hard for someone to overcome his achievements. But T1 is greater than the sum of its parts and they don’t only rely on Faker’s individual performance, there is more to it and I think that every one of the players deserve their own praise. Oner and Keria bring the aggressiveness and play-making that T1 needs to shine, Zeus and his lane dominance makes him one of the biggest threats in the top lane and Gumayusi’s carry potential is one of a kind in the LCK.

We might be about to witness history in the making if T1 manages to win it all, but T1 still has the toughest opponent to beat and it won’t be as easy as we all might be thinking. We can only wonder if it would’ve all been the same if the other teams didn’t have all the issues they had concerning their rosters but that’s impossible to know and we can only agree that T1’s run in this split has been magnificent and every league of legends betting expert would tell you so.

T1 vs Gen.G Game Information

  • Date: Saturday, April 2
  • Time: 4:00am ET
  • Live Stream:

T1 vs Gen.G Predictions

The head-to-head score is 2-0 in favor of T1 and with the overall game record of 4-0, T1 clearly dominated both series. It’s important to remember that Gen.G was never able to play with their original roster due to COVID-19 issues and this makes a huge difference between their last encounter and this grand final, regardless of where the lol odds sit.

Chovy vs Faker is going to be the highlight of the series, but we still have to keep an eye on the jungle, Oner has been excellent this split, but there is something about Peanut going to 5 games against DK and still being able to maintain calm during the whole thing that makes it exciting to see what is he going to bring to the table this series. Every aspect of this game is going to be interesting and there is so much to point out, hopefully we will have a good showing from both teams. In the end, I do think that T1 will bring the series home but Gen.G will be able to take at least 1 game off them.