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Team Spirit vs FURIA Esports Preview, Live Stream, Odds, Picks & Predictions

The PGL Major Antwerp 2022: Champions Stage Kicks Off!

After almost 10 days of intense games, the best 8 CSGO teams will fight it out through the playoffs where only 1 team will become the absolute champions and take $500,000 dollars home. But we cannot undermine how some teams made their way into the champions stage, some of these players had to defy all the cs-go odds and overcome teams that were considered much better than them.

But that’s the magic of Counter Strike, it doesn’t matter if you think you are better than the opponent, you have to prove it in front of hundreds of thousands of spectators. Team Spirit and Furia are two of those teams that managed to perform way above the expectations and took down some of the most iconic teams in the history of CSGO.

The two teams that surprised the competition will battle it out in the first round of the playoffs

Now this is their final test, where failing doesn’t mean you’ll have a second opportunity like in the prior stages of the major. Now is the time to prove that they are capable of becoming the champions of the first CSGO major of 2022. Europe versus Brazil, we couldn’t have asked for a better matchup to start things off in the last stage of the PGL Major Antwerp.

Team Spirit Defied The Expectations Throughout The Challengers and Legends Stage

Through pristine team work, Team Spirit managed to defy the expectations throughout the entire tournament

There are only two teams in the playoffs stage that had to play all the way from the Challengers to the Champions stage, and Team Spirit is one of those teams. During the opening day, Team Spirit secured their first victory against Imperial Esports, but they struggled in their next encounter against G2, where they dropped the game after gaining a huge momentum in the second half. But let’s be honest, taking down G2 in a major can be a difficult task, especially after they took down Team Liquid in such a dominating manner.

After that, Team Spirit had an easy time in the Challengers Stage, they faced the Turkish team Eternal Fire and rolled over them. Now Team Spirit would have to play an advancement match against one of the favorite teams to win it all, Astralis. But Team Spirit didn’t feel intimidated and completely stomped the Danish squad, meaning they had secured a spot in the next stage of the tournament. Team Spirit was looking good, but we still were unaware of their true potential that they later unveiled.

If Chopper and his team win against Furia, they would have to face the winner of FaZe Clan vs Ninjas in Pyjamas

In the Legends Stage, Team Spirit would fight their future playoffs opponent, Furia, and we weren’t ready for the outcome of this match. Team Spirit started the T side on Nuke, so it was obvious they would struggle during the first half, and they did. But the Russian squad didn’t give up easily and proceeded to win 11 of the last 12 rounds, securing a 16-12 victory over their Brazilian counterpart.

Now this is where things got interesting for Team Spirit’s fans as they would have to defeat Heroic, a team considered top-5 before coming into this tournament, and they didn’t have a hard time taking down Team Liquid on their first match of the tournament. But Team Spirit managed to win over Heroic against all the cs-go betting experts’ expectations, which meant that Team Spirit was one series away from being the first team to qualify for the playoffs.

The next day, the team captained by Leonid “chopper” Vishnyakov woke up with a good feeling, because they knew they were about to make history. Their series against the Copenhagen Flames started slow, but that didn’t deter the feeling they had about this match and went ahead and completely demolished the Flames, becoming the first team to qualify for the playoffs. Now Team Spirit will try to continue making history by taking down Furia, their first opponents of the Legends Stage.

Furia is Keeping Brazil’s Flame Alive, And They Are Looking For Revenge

Imperial Esports couldn’t make it through the Legends Stage, which means that Furia will have to carry Brazil’s hopes in the playoffs

Brazil had a hard time in this tournament, they sent 3 teams to represent their country and they’ve been getting eliminated 1 by 1 in the different stages throughout the event. The opening day was hard for them, where MIBR fell against Outsiders and Imperial Esports got dominated by Team Spirit, and from there, it was an uphill battle for them. MIBR couldn’t make it out of the Challengers Stage after losing against Bad News Eagles in their elimination match, on the other hand, Imperial barely managed to make it through.

Imperial Esports would join their fellow Brazilian squad Furia in the Legends Stage, but their fate would not be the same. Furia struggled against Team Spirit in their first match of the event, but bounced back quickly. They dropped their series against Ninjas in Pyjamas in a very disappointing manner, but that didn’t stop them, they would have to face G2 Esports in an elimination match and after 3 very intense games, Furia managed to come up on top and secure a spot in the playoffs.

Furia performs extremely well when they are playing in front of a crowd, and hopefully for them, this time won’t be an exception

While all of this was happening, Imperial Esports played three series of their own, the first ones were against Bad News Eagles and Cloud9, but they managed to take down both although it wasn’t easy for them. The next day was where everything would be decided, and after Furia took down G2 Esports, everyone had high hopes for Imperial, but they didn’t perform as expected. The Copenhagen Flames stomped Imperial on the first game, and although the second map a closer fight, it wasn’t enough for the Brazilian squad and they got eliminated from the tournament.

Now Furia will try to carry Brazil’s torch throughout the playoffs as they are the only Brazilian team that remains in the tournament and not only the Brazilian fans, but a lot of people around the world are cheering for them as they have managed to defy the cs-go odds multiple times. Andrei “arT” Piovezan and his boys know how to play an aggressive Counter Strike and they have a lot of tricks up their sleeves, but will it be enough to take down Team Spirit? They are a squad that, just like Furia, has performed well against the very best teams when nobody expected them to.

Team Spirit vs FURIA Esports Game Information

  • Date: Thursday, May 19th
  • Time: 2:00pm ET
  • Team Spirit vs FURIA Esports Live Stream: PGL – Twitch

Team Spirit vs FURIA Esports Predictions

This will be the first time that these two teams play against each other in front of a huge crowd, and I consider that will be one of the most important factors of this match. Team Spirit was able to take down Furia earlier on in the tournament in a best of 1, which doesn’t really tell us much about how these teams will perform in the playoffs.

I think this match will depend completely on Furia being able to perform on their best map, which is Vertigo, the same map that Team Spirit struggled a lot when they played against the Copenhagen Flames in the Legends Stage. This is because Furia is one of those teams that perform much better in front of a crowd, although they depend heavily on momentum.

Team Spirit vs FURIA will be our first esports picks of the playoffs, and the matchup between these two teams might be closer than a lot of people might be thinking. But in the end, I think that the Brazilian representatives will take over the series and although Team Spirit looked good during the legends stage, Furia will show that they are a strong contender for the title when playing in front of a crowd.

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