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TSM vs Gaimin Gladiators Preview, Live Stream, Odds, Picks & Predictions

ESL One Stockholm Major: The Battle of The Atlantic

For the 2nd upper bracket semi finals we’ll have a group B rematch between Gaimin Gladiators and TSM, the two best performing teams from Europe and North America, respectively, so far in the first major of the year. TSM is the only North American team remaining in the tournament as Evil Geniuses had a very disappointing performance during the group stage, where they finished last in group A and got eliminated after failing to secure a victory against Beastcoast.

Now TSM is carrying the NA torch into the upper bracket semifinals where they’ll defy the dota odds and try to take down Gaimin Gladiators, the team that finished first in group B. Gaimin Gladiators had one of the most dominating performances we’ve seen this tournament when they faced up against T1 in the first round of the playoffs. TSM will try to show up in their best form as both teams have a similar playstyle, but the European squad is the one who’s seemed to perfect it.

TSM is the last North American team remaining in the tournament and they will try to keep the NA flame alive against Gaimin Gladiators

Both teams took down their respective quarter finals opponents in a 2-0 manner, TSM and GG also had a draw during their first encounter in the groups stage, so before coming into this match it’s pretty hard to tell which team is definitely the better one. But this series will settle all of that, and we actually might be looking at one of the ESL One Stockholm major champions in this series.

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SabeRLight- Might Be The TSM’s Best Weapon Against Gaimin Gladiators

SabeRLight has been a key part in TSM (Team Undying) success in the past, and continues to be so in the Stockholm Major

It’s always exciting to see such young players perform on the international stage, and Jonáš “SabeRLight-” Volek is not an exception. The 21-year-old Czech off-laner has already demonstrated to be one of the best players in this tournament, and we still have a lot of matches to go. Saberlight is not only a mechanically-gifted player, he also knows when it’s the right time to function as a carry or not.

During his first game against OG he was playing Underlord, and if I put it bluntly, he got stomped by a lane counter. But instead of falling into frustration and making the same mistake over and over, Saberligth realized that it was better for him to drop in the farm-priority list and let MoonMeander take over the farm with his Mirana pick.

Saberlight is not afraid to die, we’ve seen him going for risky dives with Moon or Dubu, and letting his carries simply cleanup the fight after he’s baited all the important abilities from the enemies. Players like Timado shine when they are playing with someone like Saberlight, he creates so much room for his carries and it doesn’t matter if he falls behind, because as we’ve seen, Timado is more than capable of carrying in the late game teamfights and dota betting experts agree with this.

Gaimin Gladiators Pressed The Pedal To The Metal Versus T1

Gaimin Gladiators completely dominated T1 in the quarterfinals and BOOM’s performance was one the main reasons for this

The Gaimin Gladiators vs T1 series lasted just over 55 minutes, that’s right, two Dota games in less than 55 minutes, that’s what Gaimin Gladiators achieved in their quarterfinals vs SEA’s T1. This team demonstrated that they’re not afraid to play aggressively, and specifically against T1, it was Miroslav “BOOM” Bičan and Melchior “Seleri” Hillenkamp the ones that took control over the entire map.

BOOM and Seleri picked the same hero twice, and it worked perfectly as they were the two main reasons why Gaimin Gladiators had such a dominating performance during the early stages of both games. Storm Spirit and Enchantress were the picks that will give the T1 players nightmares for the next few days, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see TSM ban those heroes during their series.

The European Squad has shown some of the fastest games in the tournament, and the way they win their games, it seems almost impossible for their opponents to decipher. With such a fast-paced playstyle, the enemy team is almost never able to react in time, and by the time they try to respond, the Gladiators are already attacking other parts of the map.

Their second game against T1 is a perfect example, where BOOM, Tofu, and Seleri started roaming from very early on in the game and by the 15-minute mark they had a 5k gold lead, and 10 minutes later, they already had doubled the gold lead. It seems that if Gaimin Gladiators get an early lead, they are unstoppable, but what if TSM doesn’t allow them to get such an early lead? That’s what we are about to figure out in this series.

TSM vs Gaimin Gladiators Game Information

  • Date: Wednesday, May 18th
  • Time: 1:05pm ET
  • Live Stream: Twitch.tv

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TSM vs Gaimin Gladiators Predictions

The Gladiators are looking like the strongest contenders for the title of the first major of the year

The first time these two teams met in the group stage, was during their first game of the event for both, and it ended in a draw. I think it’s important to mention that although it was a draw, Gaimin Gladiator had a much better performance than TSM during the series. Gaimin Gladiators took TSM down in the second game in less than 30 minutes, while TSM actually struggled quite a bit during their victory, and at one point, they were really close to losing the game.

As I mentioned before, both teams have a very similar playstyle where they rely on early leads to start controlling the map, but the way that Gaimin Gladiators secure those leads is more convincing and they do it in less risky manner.

I think that while both teams are playing out of their minds, the European squad is looking much stronger coming into this match, making it safe to say that they’ll take the series home. Although I will say that TSM won’t have much trouble during the first parts of the lower bracket, which means the possibility for a rematch will remain alive, so stay tuned as this isn’t our last esports picks of the Dota 2 Stockholm Major.

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