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Rogue vs Fnatic Predictions, Game Preview, Live Stream, Odds & Picks

The 2022 Spring Semifinals Rematch

A couple of months ago we had one of the best series of the 2022 LEC Spring Split between Fnatic and Rogue in the semifinals, where Rogue ended up scoring the win after 5 intense games. For the first of our 2022 LEC Summer Split esports picks, we’ll be covering the match where Fnatic will have the chance to claim revenge as they know that they have all the tools needed to overcome Rogue.

Neither of these teams made any roster changes during the off-season, which is very reasonable. While both of them failed miserably against G2 in the playoffs, it’s safe to say that their rosters are still top-3 worthy. In fact, some might think that Fnatic’s roster is one that will only get better as time passes, considering that this is a roster that’s been playing together for only 1 split.

Fnatic was the only team capable of beating G2 in a best-of-5 series during the playoffs. It’s very clear that they have a lineup strong enough to fight for the summer split title, and unless something completely unexpected happens, we’ll be seeing them perform well in the first week of the split.

On the other hand, we all had high expectations for Rogue in the playoffs as they dominated the competition during the regular season, where they also took down G2 twice. In the grand finals, Rogue couldn’t keep up with G2’s playstyle as they kept changing their strategies throughout the entirety of the playoffs, making it impossible for Rogue to predict what G2 was going to play.

The Fnatic Experiment Went Well

Zdravets “Hylissang” Iliev Galabov, support for Fnatic

Zdravets “Hylissang” Iliev Galabov is the only player remaining from the 2021 Fnatic roster, and that’s for a good reason. When Fnatic announced their new roster, a lot of people had a lot of questions because every single one of their players came from different teams. It was impossible to know if they would yield together well, but all these doubts dissipated very early on in the split.

Fnatic’s support demonstrated that he could be a good leader, and not only because of the fact that he is the oldest player in the lineup. Hylissang is one of the most aggressive players we’ve ever seen in the history of League of Legends, and that makes him a great tool for this roster. While his decision making sometimes seems off, he is the one constantly leading Fnatic’s plays that secure them victories.

“I feel like when I have a comfortable pick and I’m good in the game I dictate a lot of the space in the game”, is what Hylissang said regarding his role in the team. Whenever we see him secure an early lead for his team, we know that he is simply going to roll over the opposition like he’s done time and time again.

A 2nd-place finish during the regular season was all that they could’ve asked for, especially if we consider that it was their first split playing together. They also were just 1 game away from getting into the grand finals, and knowing how good they can be, it’s going to be exciting to see them play against Rogue for their first match of the split.

Rogue’s Solo Laners are Amongst the Best in the League

Andrei “Odoamne” Pascu, top laner for Rogue

Andrei “Odoamne” Pascu and Emil “Larssen” Larsson had one of their best splits as they topped some of the most important stats for solo laners. Larssen had the highest KDA (7), CSD@15 (20), and DPM (620), which is quite impressive considering how stacked the mid lane in the LEC is. Both Odoamne and Larssen averaged the lowest amounts of deaths per game with 1.3 and 1.6 respectively.

In part that’s what allowed Shin “HiRit” Tae-min to play the way he did during the spring split. He had so much freedom because he knew that he could rely on their solo laners having a safe, yet dominant, laning phase. This top-jungle-mid trio is probably the hardest one to deal with in the league, and if they have a good start it’s almost impossible to overtake them later in the game.

We can’t deny that Rogue’s solo laners are the favorites within the league of legends betting scene because of their ability to put up good performances in a consistent manner. And even if they are facing players that on paper look stronger than them, you can still count on them to do whatever their team needs.

Now with all the recent patches and meta changes, it’s going to be very interesting to see how Rogue approaches the game. Odoamne has so much experience under his belt that adapting won’t be an issue for him, and while Larssen doesn’t have that level of veterancy, it’s safe to say that he is not going to have any problem playing different playstyles.

Rogue vs Fnatic Game Information

  • Date: Friday, June 17th
  • Time: 4:00pm ET
  • Rogue vs Fnatic Live Stream: LEC – Twitch

Rogue vs Fnatic Predictions

Rogue is a solid pick when it comes to league of legends betting because of their consistency and very stable playstyle. Those are very valuable traits, and during the first couple of weeks of the split, they are even more valuable. If we consider how this matchup went in the spring playoffs, then we can see why Rogue have the lol odds in their favor.

What Fnatic got going for them, as mentioned before, is that they are a team that is only going to get better as time passes. Jakob “YamatoCannon” Mebdi has been doing a great job with this lineup, and if he keeps them focused, Fnatic is going to be a huge threat for the rest of the competition.

I think that Fnatic has the potential to be a better team than Rogue, but as of right now, they are not. Rogue has incredibly solid solo laners and that’s enough of a reason for them to overpower Fnatic in their first match of the split.

PICK: Rogue to win at -156

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