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T1 vs G2 Esports Predictions, Game Preview, Live Stream, Odds & Picks

G2 Esports is Looking to Pull Off an Upset Against T1 Once Again

Looking back at the 2019 MSI, it’s still unbelieve the run that G2 Esports had throughout the tournament. First of all, they opened the main event by defeating SKT T1 convincingly, and that kind of set the mood for the rest of the group stage. But G2 somehow ended up dropping one of their games against Team Liquid in a very strange way, and they also lost both of their games against Phong Vu Buffalo, yes, G2 Esports took down the strongest Korean team then proceeded to lose two games against one of the play-in teams. It’s just so weird to see how G2 Esports managed to take down SKT twice, and lost to PVB in the same manner.

After that, G2 now had to face SKT T1 once again, but now in a best-of-5 series, and we all know how scary can this team be in a series, and most lol bets experts were expecting a solid win from SKT, but they were all wrong. Now, the series was very close and we had 5 very intense league of legends bets games, but the European squad ended up taking the series home, securing a spot in the grand finals against Team Liquid. In the end, G2 completely demolished Team Liquid in 3 quick games and won their first MSI title. We did a piece where we talked in-depth about this event, be sure to check it out.

G2 Esports will try to take down T1 in the MSI semifinals just like they did back in 2019

T1 Had a Slow Start, But They Are Turning Things Around

Gumayusi and Keri were the strongest bot lane in the LCK, but they struggled during the rumble stage

We all knew that T1 was going to come out of the groups stage with a clean score, and they did, they won 6 games in a row and now had to prepare for the rumble stage, which would be more difficult than playing against 3 minor region teams. Let’s remember that at this point T1 had a 26-match win streak, which made it unfathomable to think that they would end up losing their matches in the rumble stage the way they did.

T1 opened up the stage with a game against G2 Esports, the team that still causes Faker a lot of nightmares. The overall record of this matchup was 11-5 in favor of T1, but we all knew that an upset could happen because, well, it has happened before. The game started in a slow manner but G2 Esports pushed the pedal to the metal after the 20-minute mark because that’s what their composition was all about, just straight up head-to-head teamfighting. And G2 managed to do it, once again, they took down the Korean overlords and made us all doubt T1’s real skill level.

But as the rumble stage came to an end, all the doubts we had about them disappeared. And yeah, after playing against G2 Esports, T1 lost to RNG and Evil Geniuses once, but if we really look at the way T1 played on the last day of the rumble stage, it’s safe to say that they’ll be more than ready for this semifinals. T1 is one of those teams that play incredibly better when they are facing a lot of pressure, it doesn’t matter if that pressure comes from the community, the competition, or themselves, they always manage to deliver a solid performance on the most important moments, and this match won’t be an exception.

We Might See Caps Claim The Mid Lane Throne

This is one of the most important moments in the career of Rasmus “caPs” Borregaard Winther

It wouldn’t be an international tournament if we didn’t see Caps completely popping off against the very best players in the world. During the opening day, Caps completely styled on Faker and Xiaohu, the only two mid laners who have 2 MSI titles under their belt, and just by looking at how he is playing, it’s clear that he is looking for his 2nd MSI title too. The 22-years-old Danish mid laner has been looking at the mid lane throne from afar, but he has never been really in reach to claim it, but this might be his best opportunity.

Of course it’s still too early to say that Caps is the best mid laner in the world, and winning this year’s MSI is not going to just give him that title by itself. But we can’t deny that Caps career has been constantly undermined by many league of legends betting experts just because of his lack of international titles. Time and time again, he’s demonstrated that he can not only put up a good fight against the best players in the world, but he is also capable of completely dominating them, which is something that only a very few players in the world can do.

G2 Esports will try to claim their second MSI title, and I think that Caps might be their ultimate weapon to achieve this. We already saw the European squad surprise their opponents multiple times during the rumble stage, but this time they won’t have that opportunity. T1 is ready for whatever G2 might throw at them, now G2 needs to dismantle the opposition not by surprising them, but by overpowering them using both their individual and team skill.

T1 vs G2 Esports Game Information

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T1 vs G2 Esports Predictions

T1 will try to demonstrate the Korean supremacy and secure their 3rd MSI title

Let’s be honest, this one is a tough one, and the only thing we can be sure of, is that this will be a very close series. Both teams already know how each other is playing, and none of them went undefeated during the tournament. G2 Esports used their surprise factor to take down T1 the first time they met in the rumble stage, but the rest of the competition took notice of this and adapted very well to counter G2’s playstyle.

On the other hand, T1 is a team that started slow in the rumble stage, but as the days passed, they started to look stronger and stronger. We can’t simply forget that this team went undefeated in one of the best leagues in the world, and you don’t get a 26-match winning streak just because of luck, you need to possess certain qualities as a team to achieve this. Even if T1 lost their first encounter against RNG, we knew they would bounce back in the rematch.

In the end, both of these two teams have very clear strengths, and while G2 Esports’ weaknesses might be more clear, it’s not like they have weak players, in fact, I think they have some of the best players in the tournament. As I mentioned before, I think that this will be a very close series and the lol odds indicate it, that’s why I think that we’ll see at least 4 games in this series, and whoever ends up winning will put up a good show in the grand finals.

PICK: Total Maps Played over 3.5 at -167