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Can Koepka and DeChambeau Out-Piss Each Other?

Covering Everyone’s Favorite Feud

Phil Mickelson went and did the impossible at the PGA Championship, but it was Brooks Koepka and Bryson DeChambeau who the sports world ended up talking about. Thanks to Koepka candidly expressing his disdain towards a passing DeChambeau, via a leaked interview from the Golf Channel, fans can’t stop focusing on this ever-growing rivalry.

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Koepka and DeChambeau, two of golf’s brightest young stars, have taken their rivalry to new levels as their salt has spilled all over social media. And even better, fans can bet on which of these two stars will outdo each other in all things golf or otherwise.

Let’s check the latest Golf picks, stats, injury reports, and Golf predictions. We’ve plenty of Golf expert picks for you to consider.

Koepka vs DeChambeau: The Golf Stuff

Who Finishes With More PGA Tour Money in 2022?

DeChambeau may have been on a roll lately, but let’s not forget that Koepka has four majors versus his one. Koepka came within one stroke of winning the PGA Championship despite still having a banged up knee. If this was 2021, DeChambeau is the rightful chalk. But it’s 2022.

A better-recovered Koepka should be able to out-earn DeChambeau. I’m thinking DeChambeau will have more consistent results and have more Top 10 finishes through the course of the tour. But Koepka will win a major or two and edge out his mathematical mate.

Pick: Brooks Koepka +200

Who Trolls Who Most in 2021

If we’re going by who tries to annoy who the most based on social media, comments in the media, or what happens in the golf course, DeChambeau should win this one. The -150 line seems conservative given how DeChambeau is already firing salvos all over social media in coordination with his upcoming Match.

DeChambeau, true to his “Scientist” moniker, seems also methodical in his social media posts. They’re quirky and cringey, but they’re definitely premeditated whereas Koepka’s are shorter and more impulsive snips. Either way, look for DeChambeau to be more of an instigator.

Pick: Bryson DeChambeau -150

And Now The Extra Stuff

Who Wins The Boxing Match?

The closest Koepka and DeChambeau would get to even physically touching each other would be a photoshop. But let’s look at the physicals here: Koepka is 6’0” 205 lbs. putting him at cruiserweight while DeChambeau is 6’1” 245 lbs. making him a legitimate heavyweight.

DeChambeau has gained notoriety around the Tour for his awe-inspiring drives and powerful swings. He’s definitely got the power advantage. But being strong and lifting weights doesn’t equal fighting prowess. I’ll give this one to Koepka who’ll be a bit more agile and quicker on his feet.

Pick: Brooks Koepka -150

Who Wins A Hot Dog Eating Contest?

As a bodybuilder, DeChambeau should have this one in the bag. Bulking up requires lifting weights and some methodical pigging out. A hotdog eating contest is the latter and you can bet the scientist would’ve figured out how to strategically consume more wieners than his Floridian friend.

Pick: Bryson DeChambeau -150

Who Wins A Pissing Contest?

Such a contest would be pretty hard to evaluate. I’d love to see that on a CBS broadcast. But this one depends on what either is going for. Who pisses the highest? Furthest? Longest? Who can hit a target more accurately?

You can always rationalize that DeChambeau would find some way in his obsessive mind to win something like this. But Koepka is the type to just wing it and win it, especially with something as arbitrary as urinating.

Pick: Brooks Koepka +110

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