How to Wager

Online Horse/Greyhound Betting Rules

  1. Once bets/wagers are placed and confirmed, they may not be changed, cancelled or modified in any way.
  2. Bets/Wagers placed after the official posted time will be considered void and will have No Action.
  3. All wagers are made on the saddlecloth/gate or program number, not on the horse or greyhound's name. In the event there is a mismatch between the horse or greyhound's name and the saddlecloth/gate number, only the number will have action.
  4. offers live post times on all horse/greyhound wagers. (Wagers entered after actual post time will be graded No Action.)
  5. is not responsible for any bets/wagers that do not get in for any reason.
  6. In the event that a client places a wager that is higher than our posted limits, the wager will have action only up to the posted limit. The rest of the wager will have no action.
  7. will settle any wagering disputes according to industry standards and guidelines.
  8. reserves the right to limit and, or, refuse wagers.
  9. accepts wagers on all major thoroughbred, harness and greyhound racetracks.
  10. Exotic wagers will only have action if the track offers payouts for that type of wager and maximum payouts apply.
  11. If a track is on our betting menu, but not listed on the Horse Track Categories, the Maximum Net Profits defaults to $1,000.
  12. Any attempt to play negative pool hedges will result in account suspension, and lost of money from said wager.
  13. Any Account found manipulating Track Pools will have their entire account balance confiscated, this includes deposits and any type of wager winnings. Account will be permanently suspended.
  14. The Max payout for a Daily Double will be twice the amount that the 2 horse/greyhound parlay pays.
  15. The maximum payout on Pick 3, 4, or  6 payouts for Category D or E tracks, is double the amount of the parlay payout for said wagers.
  16. For all fixed odds horse racing markets, wagers will be all action, no refunds.

Scratched Horses Rules

  1. Win/Place/Show will issue a refund for all parts of your wager involving a scratched horse/greyhound.
  2. Exacta/Trifecta
    Combo bets that contain a scratched horse will have the scratched portion refunded. (Please note that these rules may not apply to wagers on entries. See entry rules for details).
  3. Daily Doubles
    If a horse/greyhound is scratched before the second leg, a consolation will be paid on that combo, as specified by track payouts.
  4. Pick 3's, Pick 4's, and Pick 6's
    If a horse/greyhound is scratched in any leg, you will receive the track favorite or any official consolation payoffs.

Entry Rules

If you wager on a horse that is coupled with one or more horses, your wager includes all horses under the said number. If one of your entries is scratched but another horse runs, your wager has action. does not accept "must go" wagers. As long as one of the coupled horses runs, all entry wagers have action.

Misc. Rules

  1. If the track payout on a race pays to all on Super/Trifectas, pays out 2 of 3 on a Pick 3, or 3 or 4 on a Pick 4, and 5 of 6 on a Pick 6 and a client's wager has the exact ticket, the customer will be paid out the whole minus the takeout percentage. If pool information is not available, the payout will be 3x's the consolation payout period. If take out information is not available, it will default to 20%. If paid out to the whole pool, consolation payouts on the same rates will not apply. All normal tracks limits are still applicable.
  2. All horse/greyhound racing futures and proposition wagers that are offered in BetUS Sportsbook on the Triple Crown, Breeders Cup and including fixed odds are considered action. Therefore, their will be no refunds.
  3. Non U.S Horse Futures (UK, France, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia) are considered action, all in run or not.
  4. For head -to- head matchups between horses/greyhounds, both listed horses/greyhounds must run for action. The horse/greyhound you choose doesn't have to win the race; instead, it just has to finish ahead of the other horse/greyhound in the matchup. For example, if you wager on the 3 horse/greyhound to defeat the 4 horse/greyhound, and your horse/greyhound comes in third and the 4 horse/greyhound comes in fourth, you will be declared the winner of your wager. Your horse/greyhound must come ahead of the horse/greyhound you have wagered against regardless of whether you win the race or not. Dead Heat Rules Apply.
  5. If you wager on a multi horse/greyhound matchup (Where you have one or more horses/greyhounds running against one or more other horses/greyhounds) once again all the horses/greyhounds must run for action. Your horses/greyhounds may not have to win the race for you to win your wager. They just have to finish ahead of the horses/greyhounds you have wagered against. Dead Heat Rules Apply.
  6. 3 Way Horse/Greyhound Matchup - You can wager against 2 other horses/greyhounds in a 3-way matchup. Your horse/greyhound would have to defeat 2 horses/greyhounds for you to win. For example if you bet on the 3 horse/greyhound to defeat the 1 and 2 horse/greyhound, you horse/greyhound needs to come ahead of these two horses/greyhounds when the race finishes in order for you to be a winner. You do not have to win the race, but you do need to finish ahead of the two other horse/greyhound you have wager against. Dead Heat Rules Apply.
  7. All Daily Double, Pick 3's, Pick 4's and Pick 6's wager payouts count towards the last race in the wager when the maximum amount paid out per race is calculated. For example, if you place a Daily Double wager on the first and second races at Saratoga Park, which has a per race payout limit of $30,000, and you won $15,000 on that wager. You cannot win more then $15,000 on the remaining of your wagers, on the second race.

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