Hockey Specific Rules

  1. Game must go 55 minutes for wagers to have action.
  2. Games must take place on the date and in the venue scheduled
  3. Overtime is included in the settlement of (NHL / NCAA)
  4. Overtime is not included in the settlement of (AHL / CHL / ECHL / UHL / WHL / OHL)


  1. In any game where a shootout determines the outcome, a single goal will be added to the winning teams total regardless of how many goals are scored during the shootout.
  2. Shootout goals do not count towards props.


  1. 1.5 goals are added to the underdogs score or subtracted from the favorites score when determining the results
  2. A favorite must win by 2 goals or more to win the wager
  3. An underdog can win or lose by a single goal for the wager to be a winner

Period betting

  1. Period must be completed for wagers to have action
  2. Correlation of same game periods/props is forbidden in Parlay's and If-Bet's
  3. Overtime is not included in 3 period props

Game Props

  1. Unless otherwise specified game must go 55 minutes for props to have action.
  2. Shootouts not included on Game Props. 
  3. First to score props will have action once the result has become known.
  4. 3 Way Betting excludes overtime.
  5. Highest Scoring Period (Dead Heat Rules Apply).
  6. Odd / Even Totals.   No Score in the Game, all wagers will be settled as Even Total. 

Player Props

  1. Player must dress and see ice time for wagers to have action
  2. Unless otherwise specified overtime counts towards wagers


  1. Regular season points and matchups will have action after at least 80 games have been played
  2. Conference winners are the team that represents each conference in the Stanley Cup final.
  3. All outright, conference, and divisional wagers have action.
  4. Regular Season Player Props: Goalies must play 41 games for action. Any other player must play 73 games for action.  

European/International Hockey

  1. Unless specified otherwise in the game comments overtime does not count towards wagers
  2. All games must go 60 minutes to have action
  3. All games must take place on the schedule date for wagers to have action
  4. If a venue change takes place, wager will have action unless the home and away team are reverse.

Live Wagering

  1. Any Live wagering placed on NHL Games must be completed for action.
  2. Any Live wagering on individual periods in NHL Live wagering will count as long as said period is completed.

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