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Sportsbook, Online Casino & Horse Racing

There are many reasons why we love to bet online. There is no doubt that learning how to bet online will provide us with better chances to control our odds.

Some enjoy the opportunity to make money, while others like using their brain to win big, whether it’s guessing the winners of an upcoming sporting event or calculating which cards will be dealt next in table games.

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And if you are a horse racing fan check our Horse Racing Betting Guide and Horse Racing Betting Rules so you can start betting with your best edge.

Getting Started Betting Online

Gertting Started Betting OnlineIf you’re new to online betting and are wondering how to bet online, visit our Sports Betting Guide for a very detailed information page about how to bet on sports.

Also, you can visit our Help Section to answer more specific questions.

The process should be straightforward to create an account. Sportsbook’s site owners want to make a good first impression and make sure guests feel comfortable so they keep coming back. It’s good business to make signing up as easy as possible. Being too complicated or technical can drive people away.

Review our General FAQs page to answer your most basic questions about BetUS Sportsbook and Online Casino

Most require truthful information for your personal profile, such as name, age, email, and phone number.

You’ll also be asked to deposit some form of money that can be used in an account for your wins and losses. You should have many options available for depositing, with cryptocurrency being the fastest-growing among them.

Some sites like BetUS Sportsbook even offer a sign-up bonus of 100% or even more.

The General ‘How to Bet Online’ Betting Guide

How To Betting OnlineEvery online betting site has a different approach, depending on how they are structured and what games are available. But most are based on the philosophy of the more you bet, the more you win. Of course, you could lose too, but the more you know about the rules on how to bet online, the less that should happen.

Every game has a minimum bet and some have a maximum bet. People who are more interested in the fun of a game or are careful about how much they spend, often stay in the minimum range. This means even if they do have a win, it simply won’t be as large as what they would win if they had placed a larger bet.

The Basics of Sportsbooks

Basics of SportsbooksIt’s true that sports betting can seem complex if you’re unfamiliar with it. But the more you know and the longer you gamble online, the more you’ll win. At its heart, sportsbook betting comes down to guessing which team will win in an upcoming game and choosing how much to wager.

Learn how to place a straight bet visiting our Straight Wager Betting Guide

Some prefer to expand their bets by picking the “spread” which is the difference in points between the winning team and losing team. Others may bet on the score at different points of a game, such as the first touchdown in a football game or the score range at halftime, known as proposition bets, or props.

Newcomers to a sportsbook will notice that there is a range of odds, (see this page for NFL odds as an example), for each game.  To know how these ranges work becomes crucial when learning how to bet online. These are based on the analysis of oddsmakers who calculate who is most likely to win based on a wide variety of variables, such as past contests between these teams, the recent performance of key team members like the quarterback, where the game is played or the predicted weather – players used to warmer climates may not perform as well at a cold-weather outdoor stadium or vice versa.

Placing a Sportsbook Bet

Placing a Sportsbook BetAs a way to help new sportsbook wagerers, they can see who the online gambling experts have predicted will win, and the odds of either following this recommendation or betting against the opposing team. If you choose the expected winner and they win, you’ll be paid less than if you chose the opposing team with higher odds, and they win.

You can also perform your own research each week to see if your conclusions are similar to the professionals.

Learning how to bet on sports can be especially instructive since once you figure out the basics, you can find opportunities all year to try your skills, especially on bigger games like the Super Bowl Odds or even the NCAA playoffs.

Betting on Horses

Betting on HorsesYou can bet on the horse you think will cross the finish line first since this will pay off the most. Or you can bet on three horses, indicating whether they’ll come in first, second, or third. (or Win, Place, or Show.) A bet on horses increases the possibility of at least one win but also increases the odds of correctly guessing the sequence and winning bigger.

The great thing about betting on horses is that there are always races around the world where you can place wagers. 

Tips for Betting Online

Tips How to bet online

Most sites are designed to make the sign-up process fairly simple so things will go smoothly and you won’t have to answer many personal questions to get right to placing your first bet online.

They are also designed to be secure so you can send financial information without worrying about anything falling into the wrong hands.

Once your account is set up, it’s time to explore the different options for online gambling, including where and how to place bets and learn the terminology for different games.

Look for free online bets

Smarter players look for ways to make a bet on sports or a bet on horses go further. This often means finding opportunities for the online casino to contribute to a bet which can increase the size, plus the possibility of a larger prize for betting more. Or, rather than doubling a small bet when available, some can spread more small bets around. Either strategy can be effective – you’ll get more chances to win one way or a larger payout the other.

Introduction bonus

Some casinos offer a certain number of bets or bonus credits for creating a new account. These may take the form of a 2 for 1, where you can bet double and get double the amount if you win. Others may take the form of a flat sum deposited into your account which you can use to get started and spread around to as many bets as you want to, such as horse betting. Some ‘starter’ bets may match a percentage of your deposit, which creates an incentive to make a larger deposit or multiple deposits. Some players may use these extra funds as a way to try new games. If you’re playing with “free” money, it’s fun to practice. Then you won’t use up your budget while you learn something new, and you also might get the chance to discover a new game to enjoy.

Loyalty bonus

These types of bonus payments are often made available to players who reach certain milestones. Depending on the casino, it could be an achievement like the amount of time played, different types of games and bets, the amount won, or other good things. In traditional casinos, players are often rewarded with perks like free meals, drinks, or hotel stays, but since those who play online casinos can’t receive these goodies, the next best thing is various credits or funds. These can also be an incentive to keep playing if you’re able to see how close you’re getting to certain loyalty levels.

Special bonuses

As a way to make games more interesting, especially when discussing how to bet on sports, some casinos may change the odds for a specific event. This may be a way to get more people participating and larger pool, or to draw attention to a particularly prominent sporting event.

For instance, a game that has a basic 2-to-1 handicap may change to 30-to-1 as the game approaches. This doesn’t necessarily change the probability of a certain team winning or losing but does give a winner a larger share if they win. It also gives them a greater incentive to join in the fun. These special bets may also become more enticing with a smaller entry fee or betting limit.

Loss refund

You’re not going to get your money back if you lose – that’s kind of the point of betting, right? But some casinos may offer the opportunity to pay back a percentage of your losses, especially if you’re considered a valued customer and have been playing for a long time.

Fine Print

When signing up for these types of free bets, make sure you learn all the requirements. If you’re planning to use extra funds to play a little longer, bet larger and try new games, perfect! But there may be restrictions on things like cashing out with funds provided to you as an incentive. You may be required to play a certain amount of time, place a certain number of bets or deposit a certain amount of money into your account. Or funds may not be available instantly and can only be used after a certain time.