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Are the F1 Rumors True? Are Shakira and Lewis Hamilton a Thing?

Are the F1 Rumors True? Are Shakira and Lewis Hamilton a Thing?
Colombian singer Shakira | Dai Kurokawa / AFP

Looks like Hamilton found his lucky charm

It wasn’t how I expected to have my heart broken, but I guess it all makes sense now as to why she hasn’t responded to my texts.

I had my doubts, but as Shakira has been spotted with Lewis Hamilton on nights out, at dinner, and this past weekend marked her third appearance at one of his races, it would seem a love affair is blossoming.

Yet to be Confirmed

We have no official word from Shakira or Hamilton (fingers crossed, it’s not true), but celebrity news about these two has been rife over the past few weeks. And for the doubters, this past weekend’s British Grand Prix was Shakira’s third race where she supported her “friend” (damnit).

Of course, Shakira could be an avid F1 fan because, after Gerard Pique, I doubt she’ll be attending a soccer game anytime soon. But let’s keep it real, roaming the Spanish Grand Prix, being seen on a boat with the seven-time F1 champion during the Miami GP, kicking back at Silverstone in the Mercedes hospitality area, my chances don’t look good.

Doing it for Britain

I’ve deleted her number and accepted my position as nothing more than a rebound following the Pique split. I did it for my fellow compatriots. We must support Lewis Hamilton and Shakira during this time because he sucks ass without her.

With Shakira in attendance, Hamilton has picked up two podium finishes. His performances have notably been impressive with her presence, and his name within F1 news is amongst the grid’s best once again… where it belongs!

Following a terrible 2022 season and the rise of Max Verstappen, Hamilton’s potential record-breaking eighth championship has become an afterthought—but could Shakira be the antidote?

Hopefully, Shakira can attend more F1 events and secure Mercedes some points. But for now, we’ll have to wait and see if the celebrity rumors provide more insight into this romance and whether or not Hamilton is really detecting Shakira’s hips to see if they lie.

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