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ENTERTAINMENT | May 29, 2023

Floyd Mayweather: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

From Boxing Royalty to Exhibition Bouts

Arguably the greatest professional boxer to have ever lived, Floyd “Money” Mayweather has not just etched his name in the history books but continues to grow a legacy in GOAT status following retirement by keeping a robust presence in the latest boxing news via his exhibition bouts and side hustles as a promoter with TMT Promotions.

Floyd Mayweather: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
Floyd Mayweather | Patrick smith/getty images/afp

He might need assistance reading Harry Potter books but has zero issues counting dollar bills and cashing checks. He’s the biggest draw in boxing history, and with a return to the squared circle versus John Gotti III on June 11, 2023, we’re looking at The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of his illustrious career thus far.

Floyd Mayweather Profile

  • Boxing Record: 50-0-0 (27 KOs)
  • Affiliate Gym: Mayweather Boxing Club
  • Age: 46
  • Weight Class(es): Super Featherweight/Lightweight/Light Welterweight/Welterweight/Light Middleweight

Professional Boxing Accomplishments:

  • WBC super featherweight champion (130 lbs)
  • WBC lightweight champion (135 lbs)
  • WBC super lightweight champion (140 lbs)
  • IBF welterweight champion (147 lbs)
  • WBC welterweight champion (147 lbs) (x2)
  • WBA super welterweight champion (147 lbs)
  • WBO welterweight champion (147 lbs)
  • WBC light middleweight champion (154 lbs) (x2)
  • WBA (super) light middleweight champion (154 lbs)
  • IBO super welterweight champion (147 lbs)
  • IBA welterweight champion (147 lbs)
  • The Ring lightweight champion (135 lbs)
  • The Ring welterweight champion (147 lbs) (x2)
  • The Ring light middleweight champion (154 lbs)

— ESPN Ringside (@ESPNRingside) April 27, 2023

Floyd Mayweather: The Good

He’s been continuously mocked for his inability to read coherently, but the positives of Mayweather’s professional boxing career outweigh the negatives, and the record-breaking numbers he’s generated are endless.

He retired from the sport (maybe – more on this later) with a perfect 50-0 professional record, having collected championships in multiple weight classes, and he’s also been involved in the four biggest money fights in combat sports history.

  • Muhammad Ali
  • Mike Tyson
  • Joe Louis
  • Rocky Marciano
  • Joe Frazer
  • Roberto Duran
  • Evander Holyfield

A handful of boxing icons that can be argued when the GOAT conversation is brought up. However, none of these men can match Money Mayweather if we discuss marketing ability and an unblemished record.

Top Five Biggest Money Fights in Boxing History (PPV Revenue)

  • Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao – $410 million
  • Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor – $396 million
  • Floyd Mayweather vs Canelo Alvarez – $150 million
  • Floyd Mayweather vs Oscar De La Hoya – $136 million
  • Mike Tyson vs Lennox Lewis – $112 million

He’s lived up to the nickname “Money”, and it’s not even close.

Floyd Mayweather: The Bad

When you’ve collected a staggering amount of mullahs like Floyd, it’s hard to say no when another attempt at breaking PPV records presents itself. And with three “retirements” to his name, who knows when he’ll actually hang the gloves?

Ending his record at 48-0 after defeating Manny Pacquiao wasn’t enough; he took it to 49-0 when clashing with Andre Berto, and when boxing rumors confirmed he’d compete with Conor McGregor, he was able to extend the unbeaten streak to a rounded 50-0.

He could’ve called it quits at 48-0, as Pacquaio was the perfect swan song. Berto and McGregor haven’t gifted Floyd with a respected end to his career, but then again, he hasn’t technically quit whatsoever.

Floyd Mayweather: The Ugly

It hasn’t always been plain sailing for Mayweather and company. He’s displayed an uglier side to his personality after being charged with multiple domestic violence cases over the previous two decades.

Just when online gambling enthusiasts thought they’d never be wagering on the legend again. Now aged 46, Mayweather remains a consistent figure in boxing news. Why? Because he’s now an “exhibition fighter”.

His professional record can’t be damaged, and no official winner can be declared if a fight exceeds the time limit. However, making these fights is a perfect opportunity for Money Mayweather to knockout inexperienced and non-professional boxers, or at the least gift his opponents the chance to say they “went the distance” with one of the best while making a similar payday as he always has.

It’s an ugly side to the sport, for sure. Nobody is impressed when Floyd Mayweather completely outclasses hand-picked opponents that are nothing more than a cash cow, but we can’t blame the man for taking those dollars. He’s also known to place lump sums betting sports, so he probably needs to collect in on some of those losses.

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