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NASCAR Fight: Ross Chastain and Noah Gragson

NASCAR Fight: Ross Chastain and Noah Gragson Go At It
Ross Chastain, driver of the #1 AdventHealth Chevrolet | Jonathan bachman/getty images/afp

Aggressive Driving Leads to Punches

Ross Chastain has become a lightning rod at NASCAR events for his take-no-prisoners, balls-to-the-wall driving that many fellow drivers believe has crossed the line from aggressive to dangerous.

That brewing pot came to a nasty boil on Sunday at the AdventHealth 400 when Noah Gragson went after Chastain in a pit-row shouting match that turned physical. As the season progresses, fans and drivers alike will be closely following any NASCAR rumors and news as this story unfolds.

Ross Chastain’s Actions Shed Light on His Mindset

In NASCAR news today we’ll talk about a big race that was won over the weekend by Denny Hamlin.

And while the AdventHealth 400 was a dandy race that hosted 13 drivers holding the lead at one point or another, as well as a record-setting 38 lead changes which was the most in NASCAR history for a 400-mile race on a 1 ½ mile track, the big news happened after the race was finished.

As everyone knows, Ross Chastain is a major dick and he doesn’t seem to care if he’s viewed as NASCAR’s a$$hole-in-chief. But one of his rivals on Sunday, Noah Gragson, decided he was going to be Preparation H incarnate when he found himself face to face with Chastain.

As the conversation became increasingly heated, Gragson could no longer contain himself. He grabbed Chastain near his chest and gave him a shake before Chastain countered with an overhand right that connected to the side of Gragson’s face.

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Noah Gragson Expresses Frustration with Ross Chastain’s Driving Style

The fight was interrupted by security and no further blows were landed. But if you want a revealing look into Ross Chastain’s psyche, all you need to do is consider what he did with his left hand before throwing the right.

Chastain grabbed Gragson’s right forearm, knowing Gragson would be unable to land a counter-right once he felt Chastain’s right fist meet his left cheek. It’s the kind of thing you learn when you’ve been in a scrap before, and understand the importance of landing the first punch.

Chastain has become the Brad Marchand of NASCAR because, like his Boston Bruins counterpart, he’s got a knack for pissing people off.

After the scuffle, Gragson said, “I went down there and grabbed him and showed my displeasure. I’m sick and tired of this (crap). He runs into everyone. I’m sick and tired of him, and nobody has the (guts) to go up and get him.

The 24-year-old further stated, “There’s no talking to the guy. It sucks that [NASCAR security] gets involved. Let us two work it out and finish it off.

I’m sick and tired of it. The guy just runs into everyone. When you’ve got guys telling you to go beat his ass, everyone is sick and tired of him but no one has the balls to go up and get him.

Chastain explained his actions by saying, “I got tight off of (turn) 4, for sure. Noah and I have a very similar attitude on the racetrack. We train together, we prepare together, we know every little bit about each other. … A very big man once told me we have a no-push policy here.

And let’s face it, Gragson put his hands on Chastain first and he got smacked because of it. That’s the unspoken rule. We should also note that Chastain came fifth in the race and is the Cup Series points leader.

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Gragson’s Position at the Cup Series Standings

Conversely, Gragson finished 29th, is near the bottom of the Cup Series standings, and employs a barber who should be facing an international tribunal at the Hague as the haircut he gave Gragson, that has sparked NASCAR rumors, should be considered a crime against humanity.

Although purists will insist the melee detracted from an outstanding race, the rest of us know that having a heel to root against might be even better than having a legend to root for.

Forget the stock cars, get on your bike, let’s ride!

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