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Nate Diaz: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Nate Diaz: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
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From the streets of Stockton, California, to becoming one of the most recognizable names in professional mixed martial arts. The life and times of Nate Diaz haven’t always provided wins on his record, but you can guarantee a bloody war will ensue when the Brick City representative is scheduled to fight.

Following a pro-MMA tenure dating back to 2004, the MMA rumors floating around are true, as one-half of the famed Diaz brothers have put his UFC career on hold. Nate will make the bold move and attempt to become the first MMA fighter to overcome the “boxing skills” of Jake Paul in the squared circle.

Is it a wise move? Probably not. Paul loves to fight aging MMA competitors at the back end of their careers, and he’s already defeated Ben Askren, former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley (Twice), and Anderson Silva (Questionable judging).

In light of the latest boxing news ahead of Diaz’s in-ring debut, we’re previewing the good, the bad, and the ugly of Diaz’s combat sports journey thus far.

Nate Diaz Profile/Bio

  • Fight Record (MMA): 21-13-0 (4 KO/TKO, 13 submissions, 4 decisions)
  • Affiliate Gym: Cesar Gracie Jiu-Jitsu
  • Age: 38
  • Weight Class: Welterweight/Lightweight

Combat Sports Accomplishments:

  • The Ultimate Fighter Season 5 Winner (2007)
  • UFC Fight of the Night – Eight times versus Josh Neer, Clay Guida, Joe Stevenson, Marcus Davis, Donald Cerrone, Michael Johnson, & Conor McGregor (X2)
  • Tied with Jim Miller for the most submission wins in UFC Lightweight division history (7)
  • Third most Post Fight bonuses in UFC history (16)
  • Silver medallist at the 2005 Pan America Jiu-Jitsu Championships

Nate Diaz: The Good

Look, it would be distasteful to define Diaz’s storied MMA career by one moment, and the die-hard fans of the Stockton native might disapprove. Still, without Conor McGregor, the Diaz name simply wouldn’t have been as significant as it’s been.

Before the Stockton crew lose their sh*t, don’t take this notion negatively. Diaz not only earned a fight with the biggest name in combat sports, but he also became the first man to defeat the mythical figure most believe Conor McGregor was.

Diaz humanized McGregor while forcing the Irishmen to his first UFC defeat (Rear Naked Choke Submission). In the opinion of some, he also won the rematch (which the judges awarded to McGregor) and the respect of fight fans worldwide during this feud.

Nate Diaz: The Bad

After the McGregor feud had settled, Diaz sailed off with a bag of cash and a reputation that exceeded his competitive history. More eyes were on the Diaz name than ever, and his 3-year-layoff was resolved in 2019 with back-to-back fights.

To the relief of Stockton’s faithful, Diaz outwitted and overcame the former champion, Anthony Pettis.

Unfortunately, when the UFC created a makeshift championship titled ‘Bad Mother Fuc*er’, Diaz couldn’t handle an onslaught from Jorge Masvidal and lost his only opportunity to own a “championship” in the UFC.

And yes, this would be his only opportunity to obtain a promotional title because a fighter in his late thirties who could no longer hang with the division’s top five wouldn’t win a world championship; like it or hate it, that’s a fact.

Nate Diaz: The Ugly

We can perceive “ugly” in various ways, but it’s hard to argue that the ugliest moment of Diaz’s career has arrived since the big-money paydays.

Without a doubt, you have to be ecstatic that a man who has fought till the death for over two decades is making the bag, but since the McGregor-fuelled fame, we just haven’t seen consistent activity from one of our favorite fighters.

Diaz has made four octagon appearances since the McGregor rematch in 2016, and that’s an ugly truth.

This won’t stop the sportsbook from delivering those boxing lines on Diaz vs. Paul, though, and I’m certain the sports betting community won’t be as quick to fade Diaz as they have with former martial artists going against Jake Paul.

As for the latest news in MMA, Diaz is choking out Logan Paul lookalikes on the street in preparation to put some damage on Jake Paul, but he should be reminded that this won’t be allowed when he faces JP.

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