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Professional Athletes On OnlyFans

Tennis Star Nick Kyrgios Set to Open OnlyFans Account to Show an Intimate Side

Professional Athletes On OnlyFans
Australian tennis player Nick Kyrgios leaves the magistrate's court in Canberra - SAEED KHAN / AFP

Showing the Racket?…😏

Join me on OnlyFans! Subscription is free for everyone! – Nick Kyrgios

Seven-time singles title winner Nick Kyrgios is planning to join OnlyFans.

The tennis rumors are true, but don’t get too excited, ladies. The only balls you’ll see on Kyrgios’s account are those of the tennis kind, as he doesn’t intend to utilize the platform to promote explicit content – something the social media conglomerate supports.

This move does, however, spark the debate about why athletes join OnlyFans and what kind of picture it paints.

Krygios isn’t the first, but he undoubtedly owns the highest profile of all athletes sharing “exclusive content” on the site.

It’s Not Just Sex!

During its infancy, if a social media figure or celebrity announced their OnlyFans participation, we’d almost certainly be guaranteed to see some major skin.

OnlyFans was commonly associated with sexual content. The social subscription platform gained a large following among its 150 million registered users owing to its lenient content policies, which let sex workers, dancers, and other providers of adult material generate revenue.

In some ways, it’s still the go-to for anyone looking to create adult material, but the site was never created to appease NSFW content strictly.

For example, Jiaoying Summers, a comedian and actress, amassed a following of 63,000 individuals on OnlyFans within three months, and she’s just one of countless others who’ve gained a new fan base and revenue stream from the platform.

Sure, I wouldn’t suggest searching ‘OnlyFans’ at work, specifically on X (Formerly Twitter), where you’ll be bombarded with breasts and links to adult-content OF pages. But the platform does encourage creators of all kinds, including lifestyle, beauty, cooking, and entertainment.

And now, celebrities, including athletes, are slowly beginning to realize there is money to be made!

Athletes Cashing In

Surprisingly, Paige VanZant disclosed that she generates a greater income from sharing pictures on her social media accounts compared to her earnings during her time in the UFC.

The 29-year-old, who had a six-year tenure in the UFC until being released in 2020, offers supporters a subscription to OnlyFans for $9.99 monthly. This subscription provides access to a collection of alluring photographs and a glimpse into her training regimen.

While the exact figure wasn’t disclosed, VanZant revealed how lucrative her OnlyFans venture was when discussing the subject: “OnlyFans has definitely been my largest source of income. I would say combined, in my fighting career, I think I’ve made more money in 24 hours on OnlyFans than I did in my entire fighting career combined.”

Disclaimer: I subscribed to her OF strictly for journalistic purposes.

How can you not support this?

VanZant isn’t the first; she won’t be the last, and for women, especially underpaid athletes, making use of their fan base and generating another income stream shouldn’t be frowned upon.

And hey, if Krygios decides to share a few d*ck picks, we aren’t judging you, fella. Get that bag.

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