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Ready for an AI Beauty Pageant?

Natural Beauty vs. AI Is Becoming Way Too Real

World’s first AI beauty pageant to award hottest bot $13K
Ready for an AI Beauty Pageant?

The AI Influencer Takeover

Sorry in advance, but this could be the last you hear from me, as a new career path awaits. Said career path involves beautiful women and OnlyFans. “How?” you ask. Well, I’m about to become a beautiful woman and make sh*t tons of cash.

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Yeah… You better believe it. A 6-foot, 200lb male, with a beard and plenty of body hair, will take the world by storm as the most beautiful woman on OF, and it’s all thanks to Open AI.

Gone are the days when natural female beauty was required because, with a few written commands and the click of a button, I could create a stunningly beautiful “woman” and use those AI-generated images to begin my modeling career.

From now on, refer to me as ‘DaVida,’ and you can catch my beautiful self at the first-ever beauty pageant with Artificial Intelligence-made contestants only.


AI Beauty Pageant

Jokes aside (or maybe not, who knows), entertainment news has announced that AI will enter the world of pageantry for the first time in history.

The World AI Creator Awards will host the event next month, with cash prizes given to creators who can conjure up the sexiest model, who isn’t actually a woman at all but nothing more than a bunch of pixels coupled together via CGI and AI to deceive our eyes and pose as a legitimate woman.

It’s a crazy world we live in, and sometimes scary, but that isn’t going to stop me from browsing some bikinis for my entry, as I couldn’t think of anything better in this life than being crowned Miss AI by doing absolutely nothing other than manipulating an AI image generator to create fake beauty.


AI-Influencers Involvement

“The AI creator crowned Miss AI will receive a stunning $5,000 cash prize thanks to our awards partner Fanvue, plus access to Imagine Education’s Mentorship Programme worth $3,000, AND PR support worth over $5,000,” WAICAS said.

I get it: this amount of money seems pretty wild for what it actually is, but the creative AI industry has been no stranger to garnering attention and bucketloads of cash recently.

AI-created spokesmodels Aitana Lopez and Emily Pellegrini are evidence of this. These virtual influencers aren’t just fake, pretty faces but have been utilized to promote products in an AI influencer industry that’s now worth over $20 billion.

All I’m saying is that if Lil Miquela, a popular AI influencer, can land a job at Givenchy and Chanel, I think it’s time to unleash DaVida on the world.


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Who cares if I’m an old man with a beer gut that sits in a PC chair all day? I identify as an AI influencer who’s young, slim, and beautiful with great breasts and back, and there’s nothing you can do about it…right!?

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