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The Britney Spears-Victor Wembanyama Saga Still Shaking Celebrity News

The Britney Spears-Victor Wembanyama Saga Still Shaking Celebrity News
French basketball player Victor Wembanyama | Patrick t. fallon / afp

Rough start in the limelight for Wemby

The latest NBA rumors say Victor Wembanyama is retiring (sort of) before ever playing a game for the San Antonio Spurs. Don’t worry, Wemby just told reporters that he plans to take a step back from the media following the much-publicized celebrity news incident between a member of his security and Britney Spears.

The Spurs also plan to shut down Wembanyama for the remainder of summer league action after playing in just two games. This is not uncommon for NBA teams to do with top players, but it is still disappointing NBA news for fans who want to see more of Wemby in Las Vegas.

What does all this mean as Wembanyama does his best 2023 impression of “Coming to America?”

It’s Been a ‘Toxic’ Start to Wemby’s NBA Career

To recap, it has been a less-than-stellar start to Wembanyama’s NBA career and the newest Spurs center has yet to even play a game. A viral video showed Wemby bricking jumpers upon his arrival in San Antonio less than 24 hours after the draft.

Then came the altercation between Spears and a member of Wembanyama’s security detail in Vegas. No charges are going to be filed as #TeamBritney and #TeamWemby continue to square off in the court of public opinion known as social media.

Even after watching the video, I find it challenging to see exactly what happened after Spears tapped Wemby on the back. Las Vegas police noted that it was Spears’ hand that hit her own face, but even still, this is not the best look for either the Spurs or Wembanyama.

Finally, Wembanyama completed the dreadful week by laying an egg in his summer league debut, missing 11 of 13 shots to notch 9 points and 8 rebounds. The Spurs’ big man did have a nice bounce-back game posting 27 points and 12 rebounds in what will likely be the last summer league contest of Wembanyama’s life.

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I’m Still #TeamWemby

I’m old enough to remember when Wemby still had fans before the casuals started bolting after ONE bad summer league game. I’m still Team Wemby and to quote the great philosopher Marshawn Lynch: “Protect your mentals.”

Few things have become as useless as athletes’ postgame press conferences which typically feature bad questions and canned answers. I know this from attending my fair share of pressers (and probably asking my own bad questions).

If taking a break from the media and summer league gives us a better chance to see peak Wemby in the fall, then I’m all for it. There is little chance Wembanyama can live up to the unrealistic expectations that have only grown over the last year.


Even if Wemby falls short, a 7’5” center that can handle the basketball like a guard still has plenty of entertainment value. Let’s protect Wembanyama at all costs because the enjoyment of watching him at his best is more than worth it.

One more thing Wemby would be wise to avoid until the NBA season starts: pop stars.

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