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Tiger Woods’ Awkward Reunion With Ex-Wife Elin Nordegren

Woods and Nordegren Reunited to Celebrate Their Son Charlie’s Golf Championship Win

Tiger Woods’ Reunion With Ex-Wife Elin Looked Super Awkward
Tiger Woods and his wife Elin/Nordegren/AFP PHOTO / Robyn Beck


[Tiger’s] fall from grace gnawed at him and it was the one hurdle he couldn’t overcome…

Tiger Woods’ ex wife, Elin Nordegren, and the golf legend himself were photographed together at a ceremony honoring their son Charlie’s Florida high school golf championship ceremony and many believed it was an awkward moment for the publicity-conscious star.

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The Scandal That Brought Down Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods’ world was tipped upside down in November 2009 when the National Enquirer published an article about Woods’ infidelity with a New York City nightclub manager named Rachel Uchitel. Two days later, Woods wrapped his car around a fire hydrant near his house and his ex-wife Elin Nordegren “helped” him escape the car.

Despite his protestations that the story was false, celebrity rumors began to swirl and other accusations came rolling into the mainstream. It was clear the Genie was out of the bottle, along with Jaimee, Kalika, Mindy, Cori, Holly and, well, you get the gist.

Whores of…. check that…. hordes of women came forward to allege they had done the horizontal mambo with Tiger which led the image-conscious Woods to make golf news by withdrawing from competition for the rest of the season. He was divorced from his Swedish model wife the following year in 2010.

If you ever doubted golf was a mental game then doubt no more because Woods has never been the same. He won 14 majors before the affairs were leaked and has won only one since, the Masters in 2019. Although Tiger is no longer a force in competitions, he remains very much present in the world of golf and will be remembered as one of the best who ever swung a club.

Tiger Woods’ Major Regret

Fast forward to now. It’s been a long time since Tiger was photographed with his ex, Elin, but his talented progeny, Charlie, recently won the Florida high school state golf championship at just 15 years old. Mom and Dad were there to attend the ceremony and there is a picture going viral of Tiger standing off to the side while Elin holds her tiny tot, a product of her union with former NFL tight end Jordan Cameron, with Charlie proudly beaming to her right.


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Some say Tiger looks awkward. Others say Tiger looks proud of his son’s accomplishment. I say Tiger looks lusty, thinking to himself, “The old girl looks pretty good. I wonder if I could still tap that?”

Tiger always fancied himself as golf’s golden boy, a kid who could do no wrong on or off the course. He had an image to maintain after all. He was the greatest ambassador the sport ever had and he was good-looking, articulate, a husband, a father, and man, oh man, could he grip it and rip it. But his litany of infidelities changed America’s perspective and he knew it all too well. His fall from grace gnawed at him and it was the one hurdle he couldn’t overcome.

I say, big deal, he cheated. This guy had more smoke shows than a Vegas magician but he had one thing in common with the average guy – a little head that told the big head what to do. I forgive Tiger but, unfortunately, he could never forgive himself.

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