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Who is Shakira’s New Lover?

Who the F*CK Is Lucien Laviscount

Who is Shakira’s New Lover?
Shakira and Laviscount in rumored relationship - Twitter.

Shakira Values ‘Friendship More Than Love’

Friendship is more important than love…

Entertainment news didn’t take long to latch onto another love prospect in Shakira’s life amid her media tour conversation revelations, which have taken many shots at her ex, Gerard Pique—no surprise there.

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The Colombian superstar has been crying about separating from the Barcelona footballer for two years straight, figuratively and literally, yet it’s becoming clear that she doesn’t need him; she needs love.

Since the split, entertainment rumors have paired her with Lewis Hamilton, Tom Cruise, and Jimmy Butler. However, it would seem that their ball skills weren’t up to scratch, and despite these alleged love interests, the hunt continues into 2024.

I want to say that athletes and actors are just too risky. Instead of dedicating an entire album – Las Mujeres Ya No Lloran (Women Don’t Cry) – to the man that broke your heart, a little birdie tells me how a certain writer wouldn’t mind making sweet music with you. He’s around 6 feet tall, covered in tattoos, is willing to learn Spanish, and would undoubtedly put the aforementioned losers to shame. I can’t give you his name at this time (Manyun), but I can guarantee the only tears you’ll suffer, my darling Shakira, are from the endurance workout he’ll put you through.

Unfortunately for the unnamed male, Lucien Laviscount has been spotted in an attempt to court the record-selling artist.

Sorry, who?


An All-New Dinner Date

I sh*t you not. I had to research Laviscount before opening this Word document, and I’m not impressed. Another incredibly good-looking man, who’s an actor most known for his appearance in Netflix’s Emily in Paris – What’s wrong with writers, I ask?

The two were spotted, dressed head-to-toe in all-black, going on a dinner date at Carbone in New York City.

The dinner came to fruition following Shakira’s surprise performance of her new album in Times Square, as Lucien was on hand to “support” her – Yeah, right, buddy, we know your game.

It wasn’t the first time Lucien acted as a fan of Shakira; he was also in the Shakira, Cardi B – Punteria music video, which is currently trending on YouTube music. The 31-year-old can be seen – topless – embracing a large lotus flower with Shakira while also allowing her to wipe him clean of blood following an arrow to the heart… I have many questions, but that’s another story for another day.

While Lucien is supposed to be the actor, Shakira’s claim that “Friendship is more important than love” on Jimmy Kimmel the other day suggests she isn’t too bad at faking in front of the camera either.

That said, my offer still stands.

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