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Zion Clark’s Extraordinary Journey Overcoming Obstacles

Zion Clark’s Extraordinary Journey Overcoming Obstacles
Zion Clark | Amy sussman/getty images for prime video/afp

Defying Limits: Zion Clark, the Legless Fighter

There are many reasons why MMA and combat sports are at the forefront of my heart, but one of them is the grueling dedication and work that fighters willingly put themselves through.

Naturally, elite-level athletes throwing or kicking a ball can memorize us with their God-given or learned abilities, but in my eyes, hand-to-hand combat takes a special kind of person.

Whether it’s mixed martial arts, boxing, jiu-jitsu, wrestling, or one of the alternative variations of combat sports in this world, the physical attributes and mental toughness that are required to be a fighter is no joke, as most of us would crumble at the first hurdle. Now, imagine removing your legs and still achieving the skillset, mindset, and physical prowess to fight against a non-disabled opponent with sheer confidence.

Meet Zion Clark, a 25-year-old wrestler, MMA fighter, and wheelchair racer from Columbus, Ohio, who’s never been willing to accept the word “can’t” despite being born with a rare disorder called Caudal regression syndrome that subsequently left him legless since birth.

Usually, MMA breaking news refers to UFC fight announcements or the latest installment from Conor McGregor’s life. So, you can imagine my shock when the man himself, McGregor, wasn’t in court or being accused of sleeping with random women, but instead congratulating an MMA debutant who was born with no legs.

I was instantly intrigued and needed to learn more about this unique character, and what I came to realize was truly an inspiration, not just for people with disabilities but for anyone going through it in life without a sense of hope.

Zion Clark’s Journey to Greatness

Clark’s life began in the worst way imaginable, as he was abandoned by his mother at birth, thus leading to a childhood spent circulating the foster care system. By the age of 10, he’d attempted suicide on multiple occasions:

“I wasn’t eating food. I wasn’t getting to take showers. I was just stuck, and on top of that, if I voiced my own opinion, I got the shi* beat out of me. So, I was just tired. I would rather sleep forever than deal with the crap I was going through.”

However, this wasn’t the end for Clark, and although this harrowing experience isn’t for the fainthearted, he followed his heart instead of making it beat one last time. The avenue? Wrestling! After finding himself in numerous physical altercations, he channeled the trauma of his past by taking his aggression to the wrestling mats.

After achieving a 33-15 record during his freshman and sophomore years at Massillon Washington High School, most would expect this achievement to be enough, but not Clark – it was just the beginning.

Fast forward five years – he’s collected three Guinness World Records, become the fastest man on two hands, and made himself known with the MMA latest news by making his mixed martial arts debut after transitioning his wrestling experience into the cage.

What’s your excuse? I don’t want to hear it. Take Clark’s story and fuel your inspiration, don’t feel sorry for yourself. Life is difficult, and we all go through trials and tribulations, but if a man with no legs finding his place in this world isn’t proof we can achieve whatever our heart desires, I don’t know what is.

Love to you all, deuces.

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