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Colby Covington: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The American Comes From a Huge Win Against Masvidal About a Year Ago

Colby Covington: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
Colby Covington | David Becker/Getty Images/AFP

Are You Not Entertained? 😤

MMA world’s biggest shi* talker…

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) closes the year out in style with UFC 296 from the T-Mobile Arena on December 16.

In his first welterweight title defense that isn’t Kamaru Usman, Leon Edward’s striking excellence will be displayed as he defends the 170lb crown versus Colby Covington in one of the most anticipated UFC fights in 2023.

The last time we saw Edwards was at UFC 286 in London, and I had the pleasure of watching the fighting pride of England live in person as he successfully defeated the formidable Nigerian, Usman, for a second consecutive time.

However, during the contest, Covington stood in the crowd, staring the combatants down like a man possessed. He didn’t take a seated position once, as the UFC’s most-hated, once again, delivered the entertainment factor that’s made him one of the most profitable fighters on the roster who isn’t and hasn’t lifted a championship title.

With that said, it’s the perfect opportunity to reignite our Good, Bad, and Ugly series, as the man known as ‘Chaos’ provides us with a plethora of worthy content to formulate in a written format.

Colby Covington: The Good

Loved by few, hated by many, I’d consider myself to land with the former. Why? Because I understand the out-of-octagon antics performed by Covington are no different than a WWE wrestler cutting a promo.

Funnily enough, the “good” surrounding Covington stems from the “hate” he’s received. Without a doubt, he’s the most hated fighter in UFC history, and it’s completely by design. But what makes him so hated is that it seems so real.

Covington has taken the villainous persona and ran with it. Alongside the hate, he draws viewers because 90% of the MMA fan base is waiting to see him lose.

From consistently trolling fighters, playing mind games, and being outright disrespectful to his opponents to his open support for the Republican Party and, specifically, Donald Trump, Covington effortlessly gets under the skin of the masses, and I absolutely love it!

He makes himself even more hated by honing some of the business’s sharpest mixed martial arts skills. Behind a 17-3-0 record, he’s lost just two fights since 2016 against the same opponent (Usman) and is arguably one of the most talented fighters to have never had the gold wrapped around his waist.

The moment you stop taking Covington seriously, you’ll appreciate the comedy gold and talent he owns beyond the octagon.

Colby Covington: The Bad

It’s no secret that Covington is the MMA world’s biggest shi* talker. For the most part, he backs it up. But unfortunately for him, running his mouth backfired during the two most important fights of his career.

During the build-up for Usman vs. Covington at UFC 245, the Floridian native trolled Usman relentlessly.

It’s bad when you talk the most in the lead-up to your first-ever title opportunity, only to get stopped via a barrage of strikes after the fact.

UFC rumors circulated that Covington suffered from food poisoning, thus affecting his performance. Sadly, said rumors were started by Covington himself.

Needn’t worry; the king of trash talk ran through Tyron Woodley to find himself in the title picture once again. And similarly, he talked shi* for months, claiming he’d overcome Usman the second time… The result? Another loss and some more humble pie.

Colby Covington: The Ugly

Behind the star power, Covington has been able to average one fight per year, which is downright ugly.

Sure, I understand he’s a main-event draw, but his continuous campaigning for championship opportunities isn’t justified by his lack of success versus top-five-ranked opponents. The welterweight division has moved on, and the days of beating RDA, Damien Maia, Robbie Lawler, Woodley, and Jorge Masvidal are no longer holding weight to support the smack talk he’s renowned for.

At age 35, Edward’s could be his final opportunity to become a champion. Although he’s a must-see TV, I believe his legacy would age much better with more appearances in the octagon.

Covington lost to Usman on two occasions, and he’s now facing the man who defeated Usman twice. I’m no sucker for MMA math, but any man that hasn’t fought since March 2022 is going to struggle versus “Rocky.” British bias aside, no matter how much I enjoy Colby’s antics, I have a feeling ‘head-shot-dead’ will be making UFC news headlines again.

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