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MLB | Jan 26

Should the Chicago Cubs Sign Matt Chapman?

The Cubs Are Still Trying to Figure Things Out but Chapman Might Be the Right Man for Them

Should the Chicago Cubs Sign Matt Chapman?
Matt Chapman #26 of the Toronto Blue Jays | Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images/AFP

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[Chapman’s] skills could fill a significant gap for the Cubs…

In the whirlwind world of MLB free agency, the Chicago Cubs found themselves in the thick of a high-stakes game of musical chairs, eyeing Rhys Hoskins as a prime addition to their roster. The Cubs’ dance around Hoskins was a cautious tango that ultimately saw them stepping on their own feet.

Despite the early Cubs news buzz linking them as a strong contender for his bat, patience may have been their undoing. I tried to warn them!

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In a twist of fate, Hoskins inked a deal with the Milwaukee Brewers, not just any team, but a division rival poised to challenge the Cubs directly, signing on for two years at a handsome sum of $34 million.

This move isn’t just a matter of Hoskins switching team jerseys; it’s a narrative rich with rivalry and what-ifs. The Brewers have not only fortified their lineup but have also delivered a double-edged sword to the Cubs’ aspirations.


Hoskins is set to bolster Milwaukee’s offense, taking his spot in a power-packed lineup that already boasts names like Christian Yelich and William Contreras. The reigning NL Central champs have just upped their game, much to the chagrin of the Cubs and their fans.

What About Chapman?

The Cubs’ front office, however, isn’t the type to dwell on missed opportunities for long. They know they have to make something happen before the next Chicago Cubs game! With Hoskins out of the picture, eyes have turned to Matt Chapman, another star on the free agency horizon.

The MLB Trade Rumors and MLB free agency rumor mill are abuzz with speculation about Chapman’s potential fit within the Cubs’ infield, especially in the wake of their recent pivot. Is he the backup plan for Cody Bellinger, or perhaps a complement? That remains to be seen, but with the current state of the Cubs’ infield, Chapman might just be the centerpiece of their offseason acquisitions, assuming the negotiations reach a fruitful conclusion.

Chapman, a seasoned third baseman with a .240 batting average, 17 home runs, and 54 RBIs in 140 games with the Blue Jay last season, brings a mixed bag of offensive and defensive prowess to the table.

His 509 at-bats last year had their ups and downs, but winning his fourth Gold Glove award last year is a testament to his defensive excellence. While his bat may not have consistently sizzled, a change of scenery could help him bounce back, and his skills could fill a significant gap for the Cubs.

In shifting their focus towards Chapman, the Cubs are recalibrating their strategy. The scenario with Bellinger adds an interesting layer to the team’s dynamics, potentially reshuffling positions and plans.

Bellinger’s presence could cause ripples affecting Michael Busch and the Cubs’ DH strategy. Yet, the allure of Chapman as a more financially accessible and strategically fitting piece in the Cubs’ puzzle becomes increasingly apparent.

One thing’s for sure, you have to keep an eye on MLB news outlets as the Cubs team are in the thick of an intriguing offseason, making moves and planning strategies that keep their fans on the edge of their seats.

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