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Athletes Who Have History with Pornstars

These Professional Athletes Love It X-Rated

Athletes Who Have History with Pornstars
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Finding Love on the Big (Xxx) Screen!

The man walked into paparazzi-infested waters with a pornstar on his arm – respect.

Let’s be honest: professional athletes have the pick of the bunch! Pop stars, Hollywood’s A-listers, models, and so on. However, every once in a while, our beloved sporting heroes turn to the porn industry when looking for love.

From Tiger Woods to Jimmy G, let’s take a closer look at five athletes who’ve dated adult filmmakers.

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Zion Williamson

Pornstar in question: Moriah Mills

Becoming a second-time NBA All-Star in 2023 wasn’t the only highlight of Zion Williamson’s life last year, as the Pelicans power forward allegedly didn’t shoot much into baskets during the season.

Moriah Mills, an OnlyFans adult entertainer, claimed she had been having sexual relations with Zion since 2021. In normal circumstances, this NBA news is whatever, but when your girlfriend has recently announced a pregnancy, it wasn’t a good look, to say the least.

Tiger Woods

Pornstar in question: Joslyn James

Let’s go back in time as we reflect on the chaotic period of Tiger Woods’ escapades during the mid to late 2000s. Swinging nine irons and winning the PGA Tour had momentarily become the back story, as the golfing legend was exposed as a sex addict and was linked to countless porn stars during the scandal in 2009.

Woods “allegedly” bedded 120 women, including the daughter of his next-door neighbor (I know, the guy is a savage). However, none became more vocal than pornstar Joslyn James, who released sexual message exchanges between the two, wanted to meet with Mrs. Woods, and also claimed she was pregnant at one stage of the affair.

So, you may ask: What’s the difference between Tiger’s golf game and his personal life? Absolutely nothing; he’s always swinging his iron sky high.


Jimmy Garoppolo

Pornstar in question: Kiara Mia

We often see stars entangled in NFL news, including the likes of Taylor Swift, Kerry Washington, and Ciara. Still, back in 2018, nobody expected pornstars to enter the fray as Jimmy Garappolo took Kiara Mia for dinner.

Did the two go for bedroom dessert afterward? Who knows? But the 2-time AVN “Best M.I.L.F.” nominee hooked up with the former 49ers QB – Now LV Raiders – as we can only speculate the next play call was going straight for the touchdown.

Jimmy G deserves more respect than some; however, at least he didn’t hide, deny, or make false claims. The man walked into paparazzi-infested waters with a pornstar on his arm – respect.

Tito Ortiz

Pornstar in question: Jenna Jameson

In the early days of the UFC, a superstar profile was hard to come by, but Tito Ortiz, the former light heavyweight champion, was a rarity. He retired in 2012 and dabbled in acting and then politics. With such a thirst for varying activities, it was no surprise when Ortiz married one of the world’s most famous porn stars, Jenna Jameson.

UFC news and headlines were bombarded with Ortiz/Jameson stories back in the day, but unlike most athletes on this list, the MMA legend took the next step and made honest women (Maybe, probably not) of Jenna.


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However, the relationship ended abruptly as Ortiz tapped out of the marriage in 2013. In the famous words of Chael Sonnen:

Tito always says I’m using my mouth to get my opportunity. But the only person I know that made money using their mouth is his ex-wife.

Ouch, another win for the bad guy.


Yu Darvish

Pornstar in question: Kirara Asuka

Major League Baseball thought it was escaping our list, but no, it seems like MLB news has also touched on the alleged actions of one of their players dating an adult film actress.

Yu Davarish of the San Diego Padres was linked with Kirara Asuka following a public interaction on X (Formerly Twitter). There’s no confirmation, but it’s more about what wasn’t said in this scenario.

When questioned about the hookup, Asuka said: “What can I say,” well, for starters, you can say “No,”? LOL. I guess her second response when asked if she’d like to have sex with Davirish was even more telling, with the reply “Not a chance,” while giggling.

Yu dirty dog, you!


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