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Is It Time for Tiger Woods to Retire?

Golf Rumors Say Tiger Woods Longs for Retirement but Can’t Make It Happen Due to Commitments to His Sponsors

Is It Time for Tiger Woods to Retire?
Tiger Woods of the United States | Ronald Martinez/Getty Images/AFP

Tiger Ain’t Done!

[Tiger will] be back even though he would love nothing more than to retire. – Tiger Woods Insider

Golf rumors persist that Tiger Woods would like to retire but obligations to his sponsor, TaylorMade Golf, and a new clothing line he just launched, preclude him from doing so. However, it might be a good time to discuss whether the legendary golfer has anything left in the tank and if he really wants to walk away.

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What’s Left?

The latest golf news, or more accurately, Tiger Woods news, concerns the golf icon’s recent withdrawal from the Genesis Invitational. Reports are that he was hit with a bout of the flu which caused him to retire from the tournament after only six holes.

Illness is one thing but injuries are another. Tiger has long complained of back pain and has had four surgeries to try to correct it. In addition, he has also been plagued with assorted injuries since a single-person car crash in 2021 which nearly resulted in the amputation of his lower right leg. Considering that, it’s stunning that Woods is even walking the fairways let alone playing on them.

But the physical wounds pale in comparison to the mental hurdles he’s had to face since a fateful night on Thanksgiving night in 2009 when his car struck a fire hydrant and then a tree before coming to rest outside his Florida home. That accident led to a series of questions that ultimately unearthed lurid details of golf’s golden boy, Tiger Woods, as a serial philanderer.

Come to find out, the man was getting more ass than a toilet seat and his then-wife, Elin Nordegren, was understandably enraged. But even more than that, his pristine image was tarnished forever.

If you ever wondered how much of golf is mental rather than physical, I’d like you to consider this. Tiger Woods has won 15 majors, 14 of which came before his cheating scandal, and keep in mind he was only 33 at the time his name became synonymous with bangin’ babes not named Mrs. Woods.

And now word has come that Woods would like to retire but his commitment to his new brand, a men’s apparel line named Sun Day Red that he’s established through an extended partnership with TaylorMade, prohibits him from even pondering the possibility.

An insider with knowledge about Tiger’s dilemma had this to say, “If Tiger could retire, he would. His body is beat up but, for his brand, he still has to make and keep appearances and make a go at it. After his car accident, he thought that was it. There was almost an amputation in play, so to be back even at all is sort of a miracle.

“Now with this recent illness that had him bow out of the latest tournament, that is unfortunate, but he will be back because he has to support his new brand Sun Day Red, and everything else in his world. He’ll be back even though he would love nothing more than to retire.”

I’ve got five words in response to this alleged “insider” – give me a f*cking break. Professional athletes may covet the astronomical amounts of money they make but the fame and adulation are aphrodisiacs as addictive as crack cocaine.

Do you think Michael Jordan needed the dough when he came out of retirement at 38 to play for the nasty old Washington Wizards after he had led one of the greatest NBA dynasties ever in Chicago? Jordan is just one of many over-the-hill professional athletes cursing Father Time and grasping at one more moment in the spotlight.

No, Tiger doesn’t want to retire. He wants you to think he wants to retire. That’s why that “insider” was skillfully placed by Tiger himself to tell the world what a bitch it is to have to go to work every day just like you and me.

Listen to me, Tiger Woods’ net worth is estimated at a click over $1 billion. Yeah, that’s a billion with a B, so he’s not hanging around to meet an incentive clause or get a pension. He can walk whenever he damn well pleases. Remember, Tiger’s a sharp cat, a Stanford man don’t cha know, and he understands the PR game better than any pricey public relations firm out there.

In short, Tiger Woods may never be the golfer he once was but don’t for a minute think he won’t stop trying and loving every minute of it.

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