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Could Red Bull Pull Off A Perfect F1 Season?

No Team In Formula 1 History Has Achieved This Before

Could Red Bull Pull Off A Perfect F1 Season?
Red Bull Racing's Dutch driver Max Verstappen-Ben Stansall / AFP

An F1 Sweep

The Formula One race in Monza finished with yet another Red Bull success, as the F1 standings presented Max Verstappen’s 10th victory in a row. Additionally, this result was also the 15th consecutive win for Red Bull.

Red Bull has been unbeatable…

With a clean sweep of victories during the 2023 F1 schedule thus far, the Milton Keynes-based squad is one step closer to winning all 22 events this year, which would be an unfathomable accomplishment in the world championship.

Max Verstappen Carries the Red Bull Team

Naturally, journalists within F1 news will always provide a smart alec or two who believe they knew Verstappen was capable of such heights. But we must call bullsh*t, because nobody could’ve predicted such a lopsided set of results as we’ve witnessed from the initial 14 rounds of action in 2023.

We’ll take a short stroll down memory lane to when Verstappen won his first championship in 2021. As Lewis Hamilton was on the brink of his eighth, record-breaking championship win, a down-to-the-wire battle in Abu Dhabi prevented the Brit and Mercedes from glory, and the Verstappen era began. But, make no mistake, it was far from dominant and one of the most competitive seasons in recent F1 memory.

With the arrival of 2022’s technical regulations, another competitive season was expected. And boy, we were wrong.

Did Red Bull look unstoppable last season? Hell yeah! However, they were certainly beatable. Verstappen won all but seven races while his teammate Sergio Perez collected two, but the five outliers were won by Charles Leclerc (3 wins), Carlos Sainz, and George Russell.

We now knew that Red Bull wasn’t going anywhere, and the sport had a new superstar in Max Verstappen. But as we look at the 2023 season, most critics would’ve laughed in the face of F1 rumors if they suggested such an outcome.

Red Bull has been unbeatable. Throughout 14 rounds, it hasn’t been close, with most of the roses going to Verstappen, the man who’s won every race this season bar two—taken by his Red Bull partner Sergio Perez.

And although the defending F1 Drivers’ champion hasn’t accomplished the unthinkable yet, after winning the Italian Grand Prix, he broke the record for most consecutive wins in F1 history—what a f*cking G!

With that said, the most asked question in Formula One right now is: Can Red Bull finish the 2023 F1 season undefeated?

My thoughts? I think it’s a pretty stupid f*cking question—of course, they can. Hasn’t this been proven already?

But will they? Who knows? And honestly, it doesn’t matter… They’ll still take the Drivers’ and Constructors’ championships, Verstappen has etched his name into the history books, and Red Bull’s RB19 will go down in history as one of the greatest cars in F1 sports history.

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