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Ferrari Will Regret Firing Carlos Sainz

Ferrari Could Have Made an Oopsie by Kicking Sainz to the Curb and Signing Hamilton

Ferrari Will Regret Firing Carlos Sainz
Ferrari's Spanish driver Carlos Sainz Jr-Martin KEEP / AFP

Sainz Is on Fire, Hamilton Continues to Fall Off

Before the commencement of the 2024 Formula 1 season, Ferrari F1 made public their decision to have Lewis Hamilton, a seven-time world champion, take the position of Carlos Sainz Jr. to sit alongside Charles Leclerc beginning in 2025. Consequently, this leaves Sainz without a team for the next year.

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However, the first three races of the 2024 season have prompted significant inquiries about the rationale behind this decision, particularly as Sainz is now confronted with the actuality of having to search for another seat for the 2025 season.


A Big Mistake?

Of course, Sainz should have no problem finding a new team for 2025 after his departure from Scuderia Ferrari. But given the recent performances by Sainz, Leclerc, and Hamilton himself, some believe they could have removed the best man of the bunch.

We can’t help but think Sainz took Ferrari’s decision personally. If true, what better way to stick it to the team than by dominating on the asphalt and topping F1 news headlines for continuous impressive performances?

Through four races in the 2024 season, despite missing the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, Sainz sits 11 points behind Max Verstappen in the Drivers Championship and only seven points behind his teammate, Leclerc, who’s averaging third place this season to date.

Watching Sainz overtake Leclerc on two occasions to grab the final podium during the Bahrain Grand Prix was the biggest middle finger he could throw at Ferrari, and from a fan’s perspective, you love to see it. Then, his successful outing in Australia was the icing on the cake.


Ferrari Overlooked Sainz

Most racing enthusiasts aren’t shocked that Ferrari opted for Sainz over Leclerc; the Spaniard has been underestimated for years, after all. But facts are facts, and numbers don’t lie.

Sainz collected more points than Leclerc during the pair’s initial season as teammates and was also one step ahead for most of last year until the final race. Furthermore, as the only driver outside of Red Bull Racing to win a race last season, he’s now won at least one race three consecutive years, while Leclerc has collected just one first-place finish in the previous four years.

But hold on a moment—it gets better. Perhaps an even more worrying statistic for Ferrari is Hamilton’s performance in 2024 thus far. His Silver Arrows partner, George Russell, is emulating a 2022 season in which he beat Hamilton in almost every race, as the British legend sits in a measly 10th position as of April 2024.

Now that Ferrari has ejected Sainz, a growing star 10 years younger than Hamilton, from their team starting in 2025 for an aging legend without any significant and consistent performances in years, they could be looking back, in hindsight, severely regretting this decision.

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