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Japanese Grand Prix: What Makes Suzuka Circuit So Special?

The Figure-Eight Race Track Is a Favorite for Fans and Drivers Alike

Japanese Grand Prix: What Makes Suzuka Circuit So Special?
Red Bull Racing's Dutch driver Max Verstappen | Kazuhiro NOGI / AFP

Easy One of the Top 5 Races

The Land of the Rising Sun houses many spectacles, from Mount Fuji to Tokyo Tower, and Himeji Castle, but have you ever eaten fresh Ramen? Holy sh*t bro, that stuff rocks the pallet.

But do you know what’s more exciting than all four of those aforementioned products of Japan (maybe not the Ramen)? The Suzuka Circuit, and luckily for us it’s hosting the adrenaline freaks of Formula 1 this weekend as the F1 news is reving up around the return of the Japanese Grand Prix!

What’s the Suzuka Circuit Hype About?

Suzuka is unquestionably one of the premier tracks worldwide, particularly for F1 drivers. The series of fast corners that follow the initial hairpin is highly esteemed on the racing calendar. It serves as one of the rare locations where drivers can truly test the limits of their machines in qualifying, utilizing an ultra-light setup. The remainder of the track is equally impressive. It stands alone on the racing calendar as the sole circuit arranged in a figure-eight layout, complete with a bridge leading up to the flat-out 130R corner.

With the implementation of F1’s new regulations, which aim to enhance close-quarter racing through corners, we eagerly anticipate witnessing the thrilling competition ahead.

A Repeat of 2022 for Verstappen?

F1’s top dog, Max Verstappen, took first place at Suzuka in 2022 when the Japanese track returned to the racing calendar. He also collected the World Championship at the same time. Because of the Dutchman’s fifth-place finish in Singapore last time out, he won’t have an opportunity to clinch the Drivers’ Championship as he did twelve months ago. Still, he’s obviously favored to win the race either way.

And let’s cut the bullsh*t, shall we? It’s only a matter of time, not if, Verstappen achieves that feat, as he’s sitting smug with a 145-point lead over his Red Bull teammate, Sergio Perez, in the current F1 standings.

The Constructor’s Championship, however, well, that’s a different story. Red Bull can clinch the title in Japan, so long as they outscore Mercedes by at least one point and Ferrari doesn’t outscore them by 24 points.

Bounce back from Singapore?

As the Drivers’ and Constructors’ champions are all but spoken for, the talking points for the remainder of the 2023 F1 season are bleak and miserable. So, the best we can conjure up is to focus on how Verstappen’s fifth-place finish at the Singapore GP was “disappointing,” and yes, a 5th-placed finish for anyone other than Max is respected.

Prior to the Singapore result, Verstappen and Perez boasted an unprecedented 15-race win streak for Red Bull. Now, because it’s become totally unacceptable for anybody to win a race other than team Red Bull, the knit pickers had to find a valid reason why the result didn’t favor the RB19.

The best and most talked about excuse is that the FIA issued a new technical directive regarding flexible aerodynamic bodywork concerns that came into effect in Singapore, and now everyone has jumped on this bandwagon.

If you believe the aerodynamic bodywork is the reason behind Red Bull’s domineering season, I don’t know what to tell you. You’re as gullible as journalists supporting this nonsense.

The man himself had some choice words for those believing TD was to blame: “No. I think we will be quick at Suzuka. It’s not my problem what their worries are.”

And with that said, put the house on Verstappen to win the Japanese Grand Prix; you know it makes sense!

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