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NBA | Nov 07

James Harden’s Clippers Debut…Meh.

Some Wonder, Will He Gel In With The Rest OF The Team?

James Harden’s Clippers Debut…Meh.
James Harden #1 of the LA Clippers | Rich Schultz/Getty Images/AFP

Harden Back To The ‘Fast Game’

Damn, this sh*t moves fast, but I got adjusted to it… – J. Harden

At this point, you gotta just laugh at the ineptitude of the Los Angeles Clippers. After proclaiming themselves as the new kings of L.A. back in 2019, they’ve pretty much done nothing. Now they’ve added James Harden in hopes they can get the best out of an aging star who has caused major issues for his last three teams.

Let’s dive in…

The early results aren’t great based on actual NBA games being played. In Harden’s Clippers debut, Los Angeles got blown out by the New York Knicks 111-97. The former MVP had just 17 points, which is the same amount that Russell Westbrook had.

Paul George had just 10 points in the loss. This isn’t exactly a magical start for the Clippers. Despite the ugly debut, Harden was just happy to get back on the court.

It felt good,” Harden said after the game. “It was a lot going on in my mind, but I’m just happy to be out there again and hoop. … It’s a process with this group. But we’ve got unlimited opportunities.

Harden has dominated NBA news and NBA rumors for months with his shenanigans while he was still a member of the Philadelphia 76ers. The only way anybody can justify his behavior is if he plays awesome. That was not the case in his debut.

That said, he was efficient and made six-of-nine shots. He can still be an effective offensive player. The bigger concern is how he fits in. Paul George and Kawhi Leonard combining for 28 points isn’t a recipe for success.

Now, the Clippers do deserve time to figure this out. Most teams that add a superstar during the season take time to gel. It’s possible that the Clippers could have a juggernaut building and just need time to sort things out. Ty Lue is a fantastic head coach so if anybody can make it work, it’s him.

However, I’m dubious. Harden, Westbrook, George, and Kawhi all have massive egos. Who’s going to be willing to take a back seat in the biggest spots? That’s going to be important to figure out. There’s also the fact that all the stars outside of Westbrook are injury-prone. I’d be shocked if we go into the playoffs with all four stars healthy.

The Clippers took a big risk by adding Harden and it remains to be seen if it’ll be worthwhile. Game 1 wasn’t a great sign.

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