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NCAAB | Apr 01

Kim Mulkey Washington Post Article: Nothing to See Here Folks

People Found the Washington Post Article Lacking of Any Real, Juicy Revelations

Kim Mulkey Washington Post Article Lacks Any Juicy Bits
Head coach Kim Mulkey of the LSU Tigers/Andy Lyons/Getty Images/AFP

Even Mulkey Expected Something Worse…

I pray for Brittney. I want her home safely… -KM

In NCAAW news, the highly-anticipated Washington Post story on LSU head coach Kim Mulkey finally broke but the juice wasn’t worth the squeeze.

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Expose’ Fizzles

LSU women’s basketball coach, Kim Mulkey, was the focus of what was rumored to be a salacious Washington Post article. That prompted the legendary coach to preemptively address it in two postgame press conferences during the NCAA tournament, promising she would sue the newspaper for defamation and anyone associated with it if it was slanderous.

Well, I read the article and it’s a good piece of writing but it was all sizzle and no steak. I came away wondering why anyone would pen a nearly 8000-word piece on a coach who can be mean, unsympathetic, and unsupportive of her players and their lifestyles. Boo-f*ckin’-hoo.

If we are to believe this article, Kim Mulkey can be, and mostly is, a giant b*tch. Yet, if she were a dude, she’d be called a no-nonsense hard-ass. She was the head coach at Baylor for two decades where her teams won 11 Big Ten championships and three women’s March Madness titles. She then took over the LSU women’s basketball program and won a national crown just two years later in 2023.

Whatever system she employs, it works, and if she happened to suggest to one of her players that she might want to tone down her lesbian relationship at a Baptist school like Baylor then so be it.

Mulkey Is Busy Winning

The criticism directed at Mulkey for being homophobic is ironic. She’s been involved in women’s basketball as a player and head coach since she was in high school. She’s 61 now, so don’t you think she might have chosen another profession if she was truly a homophobe?

It’s no secret that women’s college basketball has its fair share of lesbians and nobody gives a damn. But sometimes not giving a damn isn’t good enough. Some expect coaches to reflexively become vocal proponents of gay pride and applaud every LGBTQ initiative. Mulkey won’t bend the knee to societal pressure but that doesn’t make her a bigot.

And there was more clutching of pearls when Mulkey wouldn’t publicly back Brittney Griner’s release from a Russian prison after entering the country with hash residue in her vape pen. Let’s understand that the two were never best buddies just because they won a national title together in 2012. Maybe Mulkey thought that former American marine, Paul Whelan, serving 16 years on espionage charges in Russia might have been a more worthy candidate.

Who knows, but the accusation that she said nothing is patently false. On the Tiger Rag radio show, Mulkey was asked about Griner’s captivity and she said, “I pray for Brittney. I want her home safely. I think there’s lots of people speaking out on her behalf, and those of us who don’t necessarily speak publicly about it certainly are praying for her.”

Kim Mulkey’s job is to win games, not friends, personality contests, or a Nobel Peace Prize. If you don’t like her, you don’t have to. But I guarantee you she doesn’t give a damn either way and I say good for her.

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