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NCAAB | Apr 08

The Caitlin Clark Show Has Come to an End

South Carolina Proved to Be Too Much for Clark and Iowa

The Caitlin Clark Show Has Come to an End
Caitlin Clark #22 of the Iowa Hawkeyes | Gregory Shamus/Getty Images/AFP


Caitlin Clark is an impossible act to follow…

In women’s college basketball news, the defending champion South Carolina Gamecocks won their second consecutive national crown and capped a perfect regular season with a dominating victory over Caitlin Clark and the Iowa Hawkeyes.

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Fairy Tale Ends

Of all the NCAA women’s basketball games that have ever been played, I chose this one to watch. Yes, count me among the masses who tuned in just to see what all the fuss was about with Caitlin Clark and hoping for a storybook ending.

Well, that didn’t happen because as good as Caitlin Clark’s stats were–30 points, 8 boards, and 5 assists–the Gamecocks were just that much better as they rolled to an 87-75 victory. Of course, I broke the cardinal rule of sports betting, I bet with my heart, not with my head, and took the Lady Hawkeyes +7 ½ while even betting a few bucks on them to win outright. What a square.

I should have known that I was on the wrong side as the line shot up from as low as South Carolina -4 ½ to where I slurped up all that “value” at +7 ½ right before tip-off. I later found out that 73% of the point spread wagers were on the Hawkeyes but 56% of the money was on the Gamecocks. Yup, sharps on one side and the sheeple on the other. Baaaaaa.


NCAA Women’s Basketball GOAT

Caitlin Clark had one more year of eligibility after this historic season in which she broke the all-time college basketball scoring record held by Pete Maravich since 1970. Rumors were swirling that she’d return for another year. But why? How could even the most rabid Hawkeyes fan believe she would do anything but turn pro?

Sure enough, she declared for the WNBA Draft where she’ll be picked first overall but she will also leave her collegiate career without ever capturing a national title. Perhaps El Presidente, Dave Portnoy, put it best in a tweet where he wrote:

“Great effort from Iowa and Caitlin Clark. South Carolina is just too much for them. Too deep. Too big. If they played 100 times South Carolina probably wins 90 of them. No shame in losing to them. Caitlin Clark still is best woman’s college player of all time.”


Will the CC Fans Stay?

That pretty much sums it up. Women’s basketball got a huge bump from the media circus created by the Caitlin Clark Show and that’s just fine by me. But I think many who claim to be “hooked” on the women’s game will abruptly fall by the wayside.

I know I won’t be tuning in again anytime soon but that doesn’t mean I wish the ladies bad luck. If enough people find their style of play entertaining, they will tune in but Caitlin Clark is an impossible act to follow.

But hey, I don’t like liver yet it’s sold every day of the year and even high-end restaurants get big numbers for it when they dress it up and change the name. It’s all about the marketing and right now the women’s college game has gone from chopped liver to foie gras. Unfortunately, its chef’s special is movin’ off the menu, let’s just hope the public doesn’t lose its appetite.

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