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NCAAB | Apr 02

Why Did LSU Skip the National Anthem?

Before the LSU-Iowa Game Tipped Off, the Hawkeyes Were Present for the Anthem but the Tigers Were Missing

Why Did LSU Skip the National Anthem?
Head coach Kim Mulkey | Sarah Stier/Getty Images/AFP

Star Spangled Sacrilege

Honestly, I don’t even know when the anthem was played. – Kim Mulkey

After LSU’s 94-87 Elite Eight loss to the Iowa women’s basketball team, those same Hawkeyes they defeated in last year’s women’s March Madness championship game, the narrative quickly pivoted from basketball on the court to disrespect off of it. Kim Mulkey’s Tigers never appeared for the national anthem before the game tipped and people are wondering why.

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Listen Before You Speak

I like to listen before I speak. It’s a lesson I haven’t always followed in my life and I often regret it. But adhering to that rule is only the first step because it’s what you do with your newly-formulated opinion that comes next. A smart person knows what to say but a wise person knows whether or not to say it. That last part has become an integral piece of today’s cancel culture and it’s a stinging indictment of just how far we’ve allowed our freedoms to fall.

With that said, my immediate reaction to LSU’s snub of the anthem was outrage. I defend anyone’s right to sit, take a knee, or stay in the locker room when the Star-Spangled Banner is being played but it doesn’t mean I have to like it.

If it’s utopia you seek, and you believe in the afterlife, then you might just find it when you’re dead and gone. But while you’re here and you remain in your mortal coil just know that there’s no country on the planet that doesn’t have its problems, manufactured or otherwise.

We’ve become petty, pretentious, petulant brats here in the States and it will take a national calamity to sober us up to the realities of how precious freedom is and how rare it is in many nations around the world. Just ask Brittney Griner how she liked the accommodations that Putin provided during her trip to Russia. Had she not been a world-class athlete it’s highly doubtful she’d be back in the good, ol’ USA. How’s that for privilege?


LSU Doesn’t Do Anthems

Well, according to LSU coach, Ms. Flashy Pants Kim Mulkey, it’s just not a thing that her team does during the regular season or in the NCAAB tournament. They traditionally remain in the locker room during the singing of the national anthem and she’s never given it much thought. That begs the question, why not?

Let’s hear from Lady Sparkles herself.

“Honestly, I don’t even know when the anthem was played,” Mulkey said to NCAAW news outlets.

“We kind of have a routine when they’re on the floor and they come off at the 12-minute mark. I don’t know, we come in and we do our pregame stuff. I’m sorry, listen, that’s nothing intentionally done,” she added.

Chessa Bouche, a reporter for Baton Rouge Proud News, corroborated Mulkey’s version of events on X by writing, “If you ever go to an actual LSU game, you’ll see that they’re never on the court for the anthem. It’s that simple. I’ve covered them for three years & they’ve never been,” she said.

She also added, “Neither LSU basketball or LSU football are out for the national anthem. That’s the point. This wasn’t a one-time incident. Clarifying for the national media who doesn’t cover either team day in & dat (sic) out. That’s is all!”

I thank Bouche for educating me on LSU women’s basketball’s pregame routine. I, for one, was unaware, but now I know. I guess Mulkey and her team were not being overtly disrespectful, merely blithely oblivious to a tradition that is followed by nearly every team at every level of every sport.

I’m not sure I’m buying what Kim Mulkey is selling but what I do know is that actions speak louder than words, and that’s telling me all I need to know.

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