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NFL | Mar 18

Can Russell Wilson Outplay Justin Fields?

The Pittsburgh Steelers Acquired Fields From the Chicago Bears in Exchange for a 2025 Sixth-Round Pick

Can Russell Wilson Outplay Justin Fields?
Russell Wilson #3 of the Broncos shakes hands with Justin Fields #1 of the Bears | Michael Reaves/Getty Images/AFP

Steelers’ QB Room Is Probably Awkward AF

This move had to give Wilson cause for pause…

The word on the street is that the Steelers are committed to Russell Wilson now and for the foreseeable future. But if those NFL rumors are true, why did they trade for Justin Fields over the weekend?

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Steelers Promised Russ the Moon

We’ve all had those friends who greet you with the big bro hug while winking at your girl standing behind you. They love the sh*t out of you right up until they find a better option. But until you know for sure that they are what you suspect they might be, you want to believe them, trust them, and be their “ride or die” because they always make you feel like a king.

That’s kind of the relationship Russell Wilson has with the Steelers. They convinced him that they loved him so he inked a one-year deal in which the team only had to pay him the veteran minimum, $1.25 million, while the Broncos picked up the other $37 million just to get him off their roster. His days of suiting up for NFL games at Mile High are long gone.

And when Pittsburgh’s incumbent starter, Kenny Pickett, scowled at the signing knowing it was now Wilson’s job to lose, the Steelers’ brass gasped and said, “How dare you?!,” before they dealt him and a fourth-round pick to Philly for the Eagles’ third-rounder and a pair of seventh rounders next year. Wilson had to view that as a show of support and for a few days it was all peace, love, and kumbaya in the Steel City.


Quarterback Controversy Brewing?

But then the Steelers made NFL news by trading for Justin Fields, a three-year starter in the league and the No. 11 overall pick in the 2021 draft. This move had to give Wilson cause for pause but meanwhile, the Steelers front office is saying, “It’s cool Russ, we got you dawg, Fields is only here in case you get hurt. The job’s yours and we’re gonna be talkin’ ‘bout an extension when the season’s over and you’re an All-Pro!”

Hmmm, Wilson loves the optimism from his new employers and he rationalizes that every team has a backup, so why not Justin Fields? But the job that was promised to him suddenly feels a lot less secure than it did before the weekend. He’s got to be thinking, how many interceptions does he get to throw before it’s Denver all over again and he’s benched? Russell Wilson’s stats will be closely scrutinized and he’s very well aware of it.

Personally, I think the Steelers’ suits are doing exactly what they should be doing – talking out of both sides of their mouths. You know they sweet-talked Wilson into signing and it’s just as feasible they took Fields aside after the trade and told him he was the future of the franchise. There’s even a stipulation in the deal with Chicago that if Fields plays 51% of the snaps this season then the sixth-round pick they gave to get him turns into a fourth-rounder.

Ironically, neither Wilson nor Fields could be in Pittsburgh after this season. Both will be free agents assuming neither is given a contract between now and then, so this could be a one-year rental before the Steelers have to start all over again. Let the drama begin.

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