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NFL | Feb 14

Is Patrick Mahomes Entering His Michael Jordan Era?

The Chiefs QB Is Leveling Up, Not Only Being Compared to Tom Brady but the Ultimate GOAT: Michael Jordan

Is Patrick Mahomes Entering His Michael Jordan Era?
Patrick Mahomes #15 of the Kansas City Chiefs | Michael Reaves/Getty Images/AFP

Legend in the Making

Is Mahomes the MJ of the NFL right now? There is no question…

Super Bowl 2024 has me thinking about Drake when it comes to Patrick Mahomes. Can’t you just see Mahomes talking to the rest of the NFL with these bars in Drake’s classic “Big Rings.”

“Man, what a time to be alive / You and yours versus me and mine / Oh, we talking teams? Oh, we talking teams? / Oh, you switching sides? / Wanna come with me?”

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The Patrick Mahomes effect is real and just like Michael Jordan, the star quarterback is sure to attract veterans to play in Kansas City for less money. Mahomes does indeed have some really big rings, three of ‘em to be exact.

All this has people wondering if Mahomes is in his Michael Jordan era (Patrick’s version).


Let’s Pump the Breaks on the MJ Talk But Mahomes Is on the Right Path

The short answer is no, but is Mahomes the MJ of the NFL right now? There is no question, and it is fair to wonder if fellow star quarterbacks like Josh Allen and Lamar Jackson will find themselves shut out of Super Bowl rings as long as Mahomes is playing.

We saw this with Jordan as players like Patrick Ewing, Clyde Drexler, Charles Barkley, and Karl Malone were unable to win titles during MJ’s run. If Jordan did not exist, some of these players might even have multiple NBA titles.

I’m hesitant to give Mahomes the MJ label simply because Jordan changed the game for all athletes. It is not just Jordan’s accomplishments while wearing a Bulls jersey and the six rings. It is how MJ completely changed what being an athlete looked like thanks to his game-changing partnership with Nike.

That being said, it is fair to say Mahomes is on the path to potentially matching Jordan’s success on the field. Sports Illustrated’s Albert Breer makes a compelling argument for just that.

“Patrick Mahomes has three titles at 28,” Breer detailed. “Tom Brady was 27 when he won his third, but he didn’t win another until he was 37. Jordan won his third NBA title at 30 years old, and another when he was 33.

“Wayne Gretzky had four at 27 years old but was traded that summer and never won another. From there, we can get into MVP awards: Mahomes has as many as Jordan had at 28 (2), one more than Brady, and actually seven (!) fewer than Gretzky. But the deeper you dig, the more the overarching point is reinforced.”


The Chiefs Era Could Come to an End Sooner Rather Than Later

Consider this Patrick Mahomes stat: an impressive 18-3 in the NFL playoffs over his career. After three Chiefs Super Bowl wins in four appearances, Mahomes is naturally going to draw comparisons to Jordan and Tom Brady in NFL news. Yet, we all know that NFL windows can be shut even quicker than they opened.

Just ask Dan Marino who made the Super Bowl early in his career only to never make it back. The KC Chiefs have a chance to make history with a three-peat, but there is no guarantee that this window is wide open.

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