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NFL | Nov 28

NFL RAW Highlights Week 12: Bradley Cooper Is an Eagles Superfan

Let’s Talk All the Crazy Sh*t That Went Down During Week 12 of the NFL

NFL RAW Highlights Week 12: Bradley Cooper Is an Eagles Superfan
Jalen Hurts #1 of the Philadelphia Eagles | Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images/AFP

Onto Week 13!

Did the Thanksgiving holiday get in the way of following the NFL news? We’re here for you just like that nice plate of leftovers.

This just in, there are just six weeks remaining in the NFL season! Let’s get you ready for the Week 13 NFL games.

Here is a roundup of all the weirdness that was the NFL in Week 12.

Did the Clock Strike Midnight on Josh Dobbs?

Josh Dobbs has occupied a lot of these internet streets in recent weeks, including some by yours truly at BetUS. Dobbs’ latest outing shows why the veteran has been unable to land a permanent QB1 job.

The clock might be striking midnight for Dobbs after throwing four interceptions in the Vikings’ loss to the Bears. This prompted Vikings head coach Kevin O’Connell to leave the door open for a quarterback change.

“We’re gonna take a look,” O’Connell said after Minnesota’s loss to Chicago. “(We’ll) really evaluate the inventory of plays now we have of Josh. We got healthy, we have Jaren (Hall) back available to us, and then Nick Mullens is available as well.”

These comments are sure to prompt plenty of NFL rumors about Dobbs’ future.


Things Escalated in the Bills-Eagles Game

The Bills-Eagles gave us an instant classic, but things turned ugly during the game. A viral video shows an altercation between Bills players and an Eagles fan. The video shows Bills defender Shaq Lawson pushing the fan.

The NFL could opt to drop the hammer on Lawson with a suspension.


The Panthers Can’t Stop Firing People

The Panthers are about to be on the team’s third head coach in less than a year and a half. Owner David Tepper can’t stop firing people with Frank Reich following in Matt Rhule’s footsteps as the latest coach whose keycard stopped working at the Panthers facility.

With an overzealous Tepper unable to stop firing people, it is going to be increasingly difficult to find a quality coach who wants to take this job.


Zay Flowers Saved Ravens Bettors and Gave an Epic Celebration

Thanksgiving came a few days late as Ravens rookie Zay Flowers saved Baltimore bettors. With the Ravens looking to run out the clock, Flowers broke free to score a late touchdown.

This moved the Ravens’ lead on the Chargers up from three to 10 (after the extra point) allowing Baltimore to cover the spread. As an added bonus, Flowers also gave an epic soccer goal celebration. I may have also done the same celebration after the last leg of my parlay hit.

Straight cash, homie.


Fans Are Salty About the Eagles (Except for Bradley Cooper)

The Eagles keep winning but just barely. Philly is 10-1 but has won four straight games by a touchdown or less.

Fans are freaking out, but it is hard to argue with the results. At some point, things could turn in the opposite direction for the Eagles. With upcoming games against the 49ers, Cowboys, and Seahawks we may find out fast if Philly is once again contender or more like pretender.

One thing that is for sure is that Bradley Cooper is REALLY pumped about the Birds. I would also be excited if I was sitting in a warm suite instead of gross Philly weather.

There’s a Funny Trevor Lawrence Photo Shop Making the Rounds

RGIII may not be in the NFL anymore, but this man is pure comedy. Robert Griffin III shared this crazy photo of the Easter Islands’ Moai that looks like Trevor Lawrence.

Also, Lawrence helped the Jags take control of the AFC South in the NFL standings with a major win over the Texans. The Jaguars quarterback threw for 364 yards and a touchdown.


The Cowboys Viewed the Commanders as Turkeys

I know Thanksgiving seems like a million years ago (and maybe a few LBs as well). Just think back to where you were when Dak Prescott pulled out that turkey leg from the Salvation Army kettle.

It turns out that Cowboys players had been planning this for days. Prescott essentially admitted they planned to be up by a lot on the Commanders. There is no way they were crushing turkey legs during a one-score game.

Just when you think things can’t get worse for Washington, they get trolled on Thanksgiving.


Jack Harlow Is Getting Dragged

It’s a bad look when you get outplayed by a 77-year-old, but Jack Harlow appears to be losing the battle of public opinion over the Turkey Day halftime shows. Harlow is getting dragged for his halftime performance during the Packers-Lions game.

It also seems like Dolly Parton won the internet with her Dallas Cowboys cheerleader impersonation. Harlow was not working 9 to 5 as he mailed in his performance.

I will say the Lions getting blown out at halftime did not help the vibes. I just imagine a lot of people only watch the Lions on Thanksgiving and have no idea Detroit actually has a good football team now.

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