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NFL | Feb 14

Ranking the Best Commercials of Super Bowl LVIII

These Commercials Made a Big Splash in Super Bowl 58, Which Had $123.4 Million Viewers

Best Super Bowl 58 Commercials
Quarterback Patrick Mahomes #15 of the Kansas City Chiefs throws a touchdown pass to wide receiver Mecole Hardman Jr. #12 against the San Francisco 49ers during overtime of Super Bowl LVIII at Allegiant Stadium /Ethan Miller/Getty Images/AFP

Funny ASF 🤣

Looking for the best Super Bowl commercials of 2024? This is the definitive list of the top Super Bowl 58 commercials that I’m sure no one else on the interwebs has tried to make.

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No. 8 Budweiser: Dogs and Horses, What Else Do You Need?

I’m a big fan of both dogs and horses and Bud gave us both!

No. 7 Peanut Butter M&Ms: Dan Marino Made Fun of Himself

Not sure who is trying to keep up with inflation more Brady or Dan Marino. The former Dolphins quarterback was in multiple Super Bowl LVIII commercials, including this one for Peanut Butter M&Ms.

Not only is this the best flavor but we got Marino making fun of himself. I haven’t been this excited since “Ace Ventura.”


No. 6: State Farm: Arnold Can’t Say Neighbor

This one had a little cheese to it, but I still chuckled a little bit. Watching Arnold not be able to say “neighbor” is slightly funny.

No. 5 Popeyes: Ken Jeong Nailed It

This one may be on the list because I watched “Hangover” last night. That said, I thought Ken Jeong crushed it, and I love Popeyes. The wings were pretty mid when I tried them, but this commercial has me wanting to give them a second chance.

No. 4 Ted Lasso Returned and Teamed Up With Messi

Michelob Ultra gave us this natural treasure of Messi and Ted Lasso in the same commercial. Unlike the memory of a goldfish, this commercial is stuck in our heads.

No. 3 Beyonce Casually Dropped a Country Album

This one was so subtle I didn’t even know it happened. Beyonce was featured in a Verizon commercial and at the end revealed that she was dropping a new album.

Turns out Queen Bey dropped a new single on Super Bowl Sunday. Taylor Swift can’t have all the shine of the NFL rumors.

Did we mention that it’s a country album? Look out Kacey Musgraves, a new queen is heading for those honky-tonks.

No. 2 Paramount+: Tua, Creed Patrick Stewart

There are several versions of these Paramount+ ads. This one featuring Tua Tagovailoa, Patrick Stewart, and Creed was the chef’s kiss.

No. 1 Dunkin Donuts: TB12, J-Lo, Affleck and Track Suits

With a budget this big for a Super Bowl ad, you better nail it. Just like those addictive Munchkins, Dunkin Donuts did just that.

I’ve often said that what America needs is Tom Brady on the keyboard wearing an epic tracksuit. We also got Ben, J-Lo, and Jack Harlow as a bonus. The tracksuits were so popular that they sold out minutes after being listed.

Now, I’m suddenly hungry for a blueberry cake donut.

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