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NFL | May 18, 2023

The Best NFL Schedule Release Videos

The Best NFL Schedule Release Videos

Denver Broncos defensive players celebrate with Josey Jewell #47 | Justin edmonds/getty images/afp

NFL teams sure had fun making their schedule release videos

In the latest NFL news, the 2023-24 NFL schedule has officially been released and teams had a lot of fun making their released videos. It’s been a week and some are still being talked about.

So, we went ahead and ranked the best ones that are worth another watch during the NFL offseason.

1. Tennessee Titans

You can’t even compete with this one because the footage is so real and hilariously raw. While many teams likely spent months working on their videos, the Titans simply walked around Broadway with an iPhone talking to strangers about the schedule, who clearly don’t follow the NFL. Please note: Tennessee is more of a music town, so it’s not their fault.

But this video will go down in history as one of, if not the best.

@titans Our 2023 NFL schedule release #titanup #nfl #broadwaynashville ♬ original sound - Tennessee Titans

Some teams even went ahead and adopted their new names!

2. Los Angeles Chargers

Some may argue that the Chargers won the schedule release video but this one took a lot of time and preparation, which is why it comes in second place on our list.

If you pay attention, you’ll see that they threw shade at Zach Wilson in Times Square with a “Single Cougars in Your Area” sign glowing, showed Mike McDaniel vaping on a plane, and even made fun of the Lions for having players suspended for gambling. But the jokes don’t end there…

3. Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jags create a short film (nearly 9 minutes long) and play off of the NFL conspiracy theory that the “NFL is scripted.

They throw tons of shade, starting with former head coach Urban Meyer and how he didn’t fly with the team. Jags owner Shad Khan even jokes that his looks were created by Hollywood…which is pretty believable if you ask me.

Overall, it’s well done. Long… but seriously well done!

4. Denver Broncos

You don’t have to love The Office to enjoy this one. The Broncos used Peyton Manning and even the original show’s characters Meredith and Creed made a cameo. But the way they incorporated their creepy horse mascot was definitely the cherry on top.

5. Los Angeles Rams

There is a lot going on here but basically, the Rams mashed up a bunch of TikToks roasting their opponents. The best part is when they make fun of the Arizona Cardinals. No team did that better than the Rams and it’s the sole reason that they crack the top of the list.

@rams A schedule release just For You. #nfl #losangeles #rams #fyp ♬ original sound - Los Angeles Rams

6. Indianapolis Colts

The Colts just needed some food and two of their funniest guys, defensive linemen DeForest Buckner and Grover Stewart who “ate through the schedule.” In the end, they made rookie quarterback Anthony Richardson do the dishes. The Colts might not get an award for winning games but they should at least get one for this video.

7. Detroit Lions

This is funny because the Lions social team used animated voice-overs of coach Dan Campbell and general manager Brad Holmes as they went through the schedule on the Madden video game. Good luck trying not to laugh.

8. Philadelphia Eagles

Lastly, this one isn’t as funny as the other but it’s definitely adorable. The Eagles get points solely for using dogs.

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