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NFL | Nov 27

The Eagles Are 10-1, But Is Philly Good?

The Only Team to Beat the Eagles This Season Are the Jets…

The Eagles Are 10-1, But Is Philly Good?
Jalen Hurts #1 of the Philadelphia Eagles scrambles during the second quarter of the game against the Buffalo Bills at Lincoln Financial Field /Mitchell Leff/Getty Images/AFP

Back-to-Back Super Bowls?

I’d like us to play to consistently as a team, enough is never enough. – Jalen Hurts

The latest NFL standings show that the Philadelphia Eagles are 10-1 but is the team actually good? Fans are split on just how good the Eagles are heading towards the playoffs.

Part of this is due to the Eagles continuously playing in close contests. Philly’s last four games have all been decided by a touchdown or less.

Overall, eight of Philadelphia’s 11 contests this season have been decided by seven or fewer points. If you watched the Eagles game against the Bills, you saw more of the same.

My answer on the Eagles: TBD. Philly is good and might even be great. but we don’t know yet.

Yet, the Eagles also look beatable, and it is hard to imagine this team continuing to eke out close victories.

Let’s examine the Eagles’ resume through their first 11 NFL games.

The Eagles Are Winning Despite a Brutal Schedule

Philadelphia has had a gauntlet of a schedule with the following matchups occurring over the last five games (all victories): Bills, Chiefs, Cowboys, and Dolphins.

Eagles news shows things do not get any easier as Philly hosts the 49ers in Week 13. Philadelphia then has two straight road games against Dallas and Seattle, two potential playoff teams.

It is not just fans that want more from the Eagles. Quarterback Jalen Hurts believes Philly still has shown a lot of flaws despite their 10-1 record.

“Obviously, we have a ton to clean up,” Hurts told reporters after the Eagles overtime win over the Bills in Week 12. “I have a ton to clean up. I have not executed to the level of my standard and what that is yet. It seems to be enough.

“But in terms of the standard that I’d like to play to consistently, and I’d like us to play to consistently as a team, enough is never enough.”

Nick Sirianni Has a Punchable Face But He Makes the Eagles Really Entertaining

Some of the Eagles hate has to do with head coach Nick Sirianni who is the closest thing we’ve ever had to a professional wrestler as an NFL coach. I’m split on what to think about this whole debate.

On one hand, Sirianni’s antics are super annoying for someone not actually playing in games.

But I am also pro-fun. Some would say I’m a good hang. So, as #TeamFun the more antics the better because it does add intrigue to every game.

You may have seen the viral videos of Sirianni talking trash to Chiefs fans after the Eagles’ recent win. This is slightly awkward because all Kansas City fans have to do is point to the massive banner hanging at Arrowhead Stadium from the Chiefs’ Super Bowl win over the Eagles back in February.

Fly Zach Wilson Fly: Jets Third-String QB Remains the Eagles King

This may be the most surprising fact of all. Remember Zach Wilson? Yes, the Jets third-string quarterback. Wilson remains the lone quarterback to hand the Eagles an L this season.

Maybe the NFL should just make Wilson an all-time quarterback for every Philly opponent. Kind of like when you have uneven numbers at your family’s annual turkey bowl.

With the struggles of some of the AFC’s preseason contenders, the NFC is looking like a much stronger conference. Both the 49ers and Cowboys are legitimate threats to keep the Eagles from making a return trip to the Super Bowl.

Verdict: The Eagles’ Future Is a Giant Shrug Emoji 🤷‍♂️

On top of the Eagles’ impressive resume this season, we have not even mentioned that Philadelphia has the advantage of playing in the most recent Super Bowl. This experience combined with the close wins are only going to help Philly when postseason play begins.

All of these factors make the Eagles a strong contender to make back-to-back Super Bowl appearances, even if their wins are not works of art. At the same time, Philly consistently playing in close games also makes them a threat to bounce early in the playoffs.

Just like when you check your order at Popeyes, there is a wide range of outcomes. Don’t be surprised if the Eagles are playing in Vegas in their second straight Super Bowl.

Unless of course, Philly has to face Wilson again.

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