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NFL | Feb 26

Why’d Eric Bieniemy Go Back To College?

Former Chiefs and Commanders Offensive Coordinator Is Signing a 2-Year Deal to Join UCLA’s Staff

Why’d Eric Bieniemy Go Back To College?
Offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy of the Washington Commanders | Justin Edmonds/Getty Images/AFP

New Chapter 📖

“I have no regrets with the Commanders…” -Bieniemy

Eric Bieniemy is in the midst of a very strange coaching career. The former Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator was once one of the hottest candidates to become a head coach but he was never able to make that leap. There have been plenty of NFL rumors about why he didn’t get hired but it’s clear that NFL teams don’t want him to be the man in charge.

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Bieniemy just made some big NFL news with the announcement that he’s joining UCLA to become offensive coordinator and associate head coach. That seems like a significant step down for someone who has coached a lot of NFL games and looked like he could be a head coach soon.

He’ll now be coaching under Deshaun Foster, who has never been a head coach before. However, according to Bieniemy, he could’ve returned to the Washington Commanders if he wanted to but made the choice to move on.

I have no regrets with the Commanders,” Bieniemy wrote, via ESPN.com. “Contrary to what some think and what has been put out in the media, I was not fired. I actually just chose not to stay. Learned a lot and that is always a good thing.

Now, Bieniemy’s first year as a play-caller away from Andy Reid wasn’t special. The Commanders were 25th in the NFL in points scored per game. It’s also not like NFL teams were banging on his door to hire him this offseason. Bieniemy swears that NFL teams like him.

I have had countless conversations and interviews with many teams, and I have been applauded and lauded,” Bieniemy told ESPN. “I can’t say why certain decisions were or were not made but it had nothing to [do] with a lack of anything on my end.

I’m gonna call a bit of BS here. Why would he go down to the college level to work under a coach way less experienced if other teams were interested? There’s nothing wrong with taking a step back but it just seems to me that Bieniemy isn’t a sought-after coach. It’ll be interesting to see if he can get back to the NFL ranks at some point but maybe college is the best level for his coaching style. Time will tell but it’s looking less and less like he’ll be a head coach in the NFL.

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