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Soccer | Nov 22

Brazil vs Argentina Recap: A Drama-Filled Game

La Albiceleste Got Away With the Win After a Pretty Stressful Start

Brazil vs Argentina Recap: A Drama-Filled Game
Fans of Argentina celebrate at the end of the 2026 FIFA World Cup South American qualification football match | CARL DE SOUZA / AFP

Sh*t Hit the Fan

And when Messi’s turning to physicality, you know sh*t has to be heated…

After Brazilian police charged Argentine fans in retaliation for brawling in the stands during the national anthems, the longstanding sporting rivalry between two of the most successful teams in global soccer escalated to its highest point during last night’s World Cup qualifying game.

Under captain Lionel Messi’s leadership, the defending champions attempted to defuse the situation on the terraces before departing the field and retreating to the locker room for over ten minutes.

If you know anything about Brazilian police, you’ll know that their reputation isn’t the greatest. One might associate the nation’s police force with the word “corruption,” and although soccer fans can get rowdy during rivalry meetings, I’m not sure the actions taken by Brazil’s boys in blue were warranted.

In their defense, perhaps they’d just caught wind of soccer news pertaining to Inter Miami’s decision not to compete in the Riyadh Cup against Ronaldo’s Al Nassr and wanted to release their frustration; who knows?

Jokes aside, I’m going to refrain from poking fun at the situation because police brutality is no joke, and this entire situation was a disgrace.

The World Cup champions were already adored by their nation, but after last night’s heroics and sense of unity, they’ll forever be adored.

Dibu Martinez, in particular, wasn’t playing around; he was a few inches short of slapping the sh*t out of those feds… Respect!

During the incident, Emi Martinez, the goalkeeper for Aston Villa, was observed attempting to seize a baton from a law enforcement officer… What a guy.

Consequently, Lionel Messi guided his teammates off the field and back to the dressing room.

The Drama Continued

Following a short delay, the players from Argentina resurfaced; nevertheless, the intense ambiance had now extended onto the field, as Rodrygo, a prominent figure from Real Madrid, engaged in a dispute with Rodrigo De Paul from Atletico on the choice to retreat to the locker room.

Messi intervened in the situation; however, the conflict intensified when Argentine network TyC Sports alleged that Rodrygo referred to the Argentina squad as “cowards.”

The Inter Miami superstar firmly grasped Rodrygo by the nape of his neck while engaging in a heated verbal battle, purportedly asserting their status as world champions.

And when Messi’s turning to physicality, you know sh*t has to be heated.

Upon Messi’s departure, Rodrygo attempted to prolong the altercation but was promptly redirected by De Paul. Subsequently, several additional players and staff members were engaged, with Cristian Romero, Giovani Lo Celso, and Emerson Royal from Tottenham assuming the role of mediators.

Brazil vs Argentina: The Game

The first half of the match was characterized by a high level of tension, as evidenced by 22 fouls, three bookings, and many confrontations between opposing players. The referee intervened by issuing cards to restore order and mitigate the escalating conflicts, but by this point, it was war, and a piece of colored card wouldn’t prevent the beef, as the game finished with 42 fouls.

During the latter portion of the match, midfielder Joelinton was shown a red card for making contact with Rodrigo de Paul’s face in the 82nd minute, a mere three minutes after his substitution into the pitch. He evidently felt like the Brazilian police shouldn’t be the only ones beating Argentines.

In the end, though, Argentina had the last laugh when leaving Brazil as the victors.

Surprisingly, Brazil has never suffered a home loss in a World Cup qualifier prior to Argentina’s 1-0 victory. Moreover, it is their third consecutive loss, dropping them to sixth place in the standings, eight points behind the group’s leaders, Argentina.

And just when you think it’s all over, Argentina’s boss, Lionel Scaloni–after leading the team to victory at the World Cup in Qatar a year ago–astonished the Argentina squad and sent soccer rumors into a frenzy by revealing that he was contemplating stepping down as manager.

What a drama-filled night, to say the least.

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