1. March Mayhem Contest scoreboards will be updated once per day at 12:01am ET. All results are generated automatically and are not altered by BetUS before posting.
  2. You must be 18 years old to enter and a legal U.S. resident.
  3. For the 64-team bracket, one entry per $100 deposit on/after 3/01/19 and before 12:00pm 3/21/19. No person may enter for another person, or in another person’s name.
  4. Once submitted, all picks are final. Brackets cannot be changed once submitted.
  5. For the 64-team bracket, only those who have made a qualifying deposit or re-up of $100 or more at BetUS.com.pa on/after 3/1/19 and before 12:00pm ET 3/21/19 are eligible.**
  6. For the 16-team bracket, only those who have made a qualifying deposit or re-up(*) of $100 or more at BetUS.com.pa after 3/21/19 12:01pm ET and before tip-off of the first game of the Round of 16, or 6:09pm ET 3/28/19 are eligible, whichever occurs first. **
  7. For the 8-team bracket, only those who have made a qualifying deposit or re-up(*) of $100 or more at BetUS.com.pa after the Round of 16 has begun on 3/28/19 and before tip-off of the first game of the Round of 8, or 6:00pm ET 3/30/19 are eligible, whichever occurs first. **
  8. Any person found violating any of the above provisions will be disqualified and all entries submitted by said person shall be ruled ineligible for prize awards.
  9. Entries will be accepted via the Internet only on BetUS.com.pa's official contest entry form which will be posted from Sunday 3/17/2019 at 6:00 PM ET until 12:00 Noon ET Thursday 3/21/2019. Any entries sent via e-mail or by any other means besides the BetUS.com.pa website will not be accepted. All late entries will be disqualified.
  10. All BetUS.com.pa $1,000,000 Contest brackets must be filled out completely. Any bracket that is not filled out in its entirety will be ruled ineligible for prize awards.
  11. There is NO entry fee. Void where prohibited. Only one (1) $1,000,000 "Grand Prize" may be awarded. In order to qualify for the "Grand Prize" a contestant must correctly pick the winning team in all 63 games in the 2019 Men's NCAA Basketball Tournament prior to the start of the tournament.
  12. The grand prize shall be paid in 650 monthly installments. The first installment of $1,539 shall be paid within 30 working days of the posting of the results. Each subsequent payment of $1,539 shall be paid in full in exactly one month's time until all 650 payments are made in full.
  13. If no $1,000,000 Grand Prize is awarded, the player with the highest score will win a $5,000 Free Play.
  14. In the case of a tie, grand prize winnings are divided equally amongst players while abiding to the specified rules and regulations.
  15. In the event that more than one contestant chooses all 63 winners of the 2019 Men's NCAA Basketball Tournament correctly, the $1,000,000 Grand Prize will be divided equally amongst all winners.
  16. The 16-team and 8-team bracket contest grand prizes are awarded as a Free Play, which comes with a 10x rollover.
  17. If a tie occurs for the 16-team or 8-team bracket contest grand prize the Free Play will be split equally among the winners. All Free Play prizes come with a 10x rollover.
  18. If a tie occurs for any consolation prizes in the 64-team, 16-team or 8-team bracket contest the prize will be awarded to the customer whose bracket entry was submitted first.
  19. Contestant's name, likeness/photo, voice, city and state of residence may be used for promotional purposes without additional permission or compensation.
  20. No cash value, substitution of prizes or transfer of prizes to another person will be allowed. BetUS.com.pa, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to substitute prizes of comparable value in a betting account.
  21. Prize winners are responsible for any applicable federal, state or local taxes.
  22. By entering the contest, winner agrees to release and hold harmless BetUS.com.pa, its affiliated and subsidiary companies and contest BetUS.com.pa against any and all claims or inability arising directly or indirectly from contestant's participation in the contest or acceptance or use of the prize. Upon request, winner will promptly complete and sign any documents effectuating this release.
  23. BetUS.com.pa is not responsible for contestant's inability to access the Internet due to ISP downtime, computer failure, equipment malfunction, disconnections, busy lines, misdirected e-mail, submission errors or other circumstances or any incapability relative to Web access or to contest application.
  24. All entries become the property of BetUS.com.pa and will not be returned. Contest scores will be updated daily after the completion of the last game.
  25. The contestant who picks the highest number of point gets the first prize, the contestant with the second highest number of points gets the second prize and respectively until the tenth and final prize is awarded.
  26. Prize winners will be notified by BetUS.com.pa by Friday, April 12, 2019.
  27. All prizes will be delivered to the address provided on the registration form, previous confirmation made to phone number provided.
  28. By entering the BetUS.com.pa March Mayhem Bracket Contest you agree that you have read and understood the contest rules. Decision of BetUS.com.pa is final. $1,000,000 Grand Prize winner agrees to abide by the claims verification and payment distribution terms required by BetUS.com.pa.
  29. Rules subject to change at any time prior to contest opening. Please see website for complete details.

**It is the responsibility of each member to ensure they have enough time to fill out their brackets after making any eligible deposit. Each bracket contest will close upon tipoff of the first game and no late brackets will be accepted. BetUS.com.pa will assume no responsibility for any bracket not entered before a contest's eligibility period ends.