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NFL Betting generates more wagering dollars than any other sport in North America, and only second to soccer as the most bet on sport around the world. Because of it's popularity, an enormous amount of information has become readily available, but often it proves meaningless and becomes overwhelming, leading to over-handicapping which can be a costly mistake. To help prevent your bankroll from becoming crunched by useless numbers, here are some of the best online NFL Football wagering tips that truly matter.

Location of Game. Look at how teams do at home, away and versus opponent against the spread (ATS). Home field advantage is important and generally worth about three points. Keep in mind that the home team has an edge, but you can't overcompensate and give the hosting team too much credit. Look for teams that have been blown out on the road to bounce back the next game after returning home.

Watch the NFL Odds. When looking over the BetUS NFL odds, be careful not to be influenced by who's listed as the favorite. Consistently picking favorites is a bad habit. Playing underdogs is often a good practice because the public desires favorites so lines are slanted toward them.

Be wary of big favorites. When you do invest in favorites, though, keep in mind laying more than a touchdown in the NFL is generally not a good idea. It may be ok in college football because the difference in talent is often great enough to detect and could warrant giving up double digits, but in the NFL the matchups are rarely overly lopsided.

Injuries. Injuries are one of the most overrated stats when it comes to NFL handicapping. The exception to this is the quarterback position. Teams are stocked with talented depth and frequently a line moves too much based on one player being sidelined. If that happens look to exploit the line by taking the club with the injury.

Pay close attention to weather reports. There's several things to keep in mind when weather becomes a factor. Teams based in warm climates traditionally struggle in cold temperatures. Wind has the biggest effect among all weather elements. Teams that rely on passing the ball are likely to suffer in windy conditions. Meanwhile, wet conditions can help an offense. When on offense, players know their routs and have better footing than defensive players, who are reacting to the ball.

Do not put too much stock into the prior week's performance. Momentum is not that big of an issue as in college football, since everybody in the NFL is a professional and more capable of making adjustments.

Do not chase losses. Like in all investments, using smart money management is key to success in NFL betting. Do not increase your bet amounts or bet on more games in order to make up losses. Often, Monday Night Football becomes a make-or-break game and that further puts your bankroll at risk.

Be realistic and selective. Winning 60 percent of your wagers is great, which few online sports betting enthusiasts are able to achieve because they over handicap games, when all you need are these basic tips that could put you well on your way to a big score.