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This off-season has been all about Lebron going back home to Cleveland. Yes, the same Cleveland team that he abandoned via a live, nationally televised special a few years ago. The same Cleveland team whose owner published a very bitter and spiteful letter about him the moment he left. The same Cleveland that has failed to make the playoffs since the '09-'10 season (No need to consult Google. That is indeed the last season Lebron played there). Despite all that, Lebron is taking his talents back to his hometown. I guess there really is no place like home?

While Lebron is returning to Cleveland, he being very wise and careful about it. Number 23's deal is for two years with an opt-out option after the first year. Oh, and he's bringing friends with him. Former Miami teammates Mike Miller and James Jones have also signed with the Cavs and Minnesota has agreed to trade Kevin Love to Cleveland in a deal that will send this year's first draft pick Andrew Wiggins and last year's Anthony Bennett along with a protected 2015 first-round pick.

In case you were curious as to what this has done for the Cavs stock, keep reading.

NBA Championship Futures Odds:

Cleveland Cavaliers +300
San Antonio Spurs +450
Miami Heat + 7500

You read that right! As of now, Cleveland is now the favorite to win the NBA Championship! They're ahead of last year's winning Spurs and runners up Miami

It's good to be King!