♥ 2009

Luisa Fernanda Raigosa
Biographic Data Points

Luisa might not be what you typically envision when you think of a "farm girl", but that's exactly what she is. Voluptuous and vivacious by all angles, Luisa is as soothing to the eyes as she is to the soul. She loves to meditate and finds herself close to all things natural, and you'd be naturally insane to not want to find Nirvana by her side.

Those of us that are scared of the dance floor might also want to consider dusting off our dancing shoes. Luisa loves to teach Salsa while jamming out to reggae and electronica, so get ready to move that body in ways you never imagined. You never know - some slick moves of your own might allow you to move her body in ways you're imagining right now.

We'd be fine with her modeling for us in a bikini for the rest of our years, but Luisa has different aspirations. Darting behind the camera to play the role of photographer isn't her only secret pleasure. Luisa is also training in mixed martial arts and hopes to compete very soon. Would you care to sign our petition for co-ed MMA fights?