♥ Miss December

Sandra Valencia
Biographic Data Points

Sandra is a fashion design student from Medellín, Colombia who wants to launch her own lingerie line. She loves to wear lingerie for her man on intimate occasions to show off her more sensual side. Her favorites are corsets from Victoria's Secret, the better. Sandra believes a man's eyes reflect his intentions and his soul. She knows she's in love when she can't live without that special someone. She'd like to visit America and have a nice man show her around the Statue of Liberty, so step up, New Yorkers!You know you've hit the jackpot when a woman loves to wear lingerie for her man. Sandra Valencia doesn't just make it a secret hobby for her special someone either. Instead, she's turned it in to a full fledged career.

Miss December is a model of Besame, one of the top lingerie lines in the world and is quickly taking the express lane to the top of the modeling world. Eventually Sandra would like to develop her own line of lingerie, and we're sure there will be a lineup of men trying to give her some behind the scenes approval on her designs.

Careful though, boys. Sandra isn't scared to look you in the eye since she believes they're a window in to a man's intentions and his soul. We know exactly where your eyes are looking, so try not to make a bad impression with Sandra. Eyes up top!